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Live in Liangjiang: Hundreds of Parks for a Green and Quality Life

By RUI HU|Jun 19,2020

Recently, in the Binjiang Park of Yuelai Eco-city in Liangjiang New Area, both sides are covered with purple flowers, attracting flocks of visitors.

"The newly-built parks in Liangjiang are even more beautiful than the previous ones, and Jinhaiwan Park is built right in front of our community," said Ms. Yu, who lives in Jiangyucheng community. She likes to take her children for a walk here to experience the pleasure brought by the livable environment.

As a national new area designed for development and opening-up, Liangjiang New Area has always given priority to ecology and the pursuit of green growth and built itself into a park city and a smart city model oriented at internationalization, greening, intelligence, and human.

snow on Zhaomu mountain

Golden Habour Park

Creating a livable place to ensure high-quality life

Many shopping malls and parks surround Jinyu Community in Liangjiang New Area, and schools are located not far away: Jinshan Park is nearby; IKEA, Outlets, Suning Tesco Plaza, and Metro are within walking distance; next to the community, there are Weiming School and Jinshan Elementary School. It enjoys convenient transportation, which enables more comfortable travel for residents.

For Chongqing citizens, shopping in IKEA, Outlets is common in their daily life. Jinshan Yiku Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, transformed from old factory buildings, clusters many unique cultural and creative institutions. Today, Chongqing Export Processing Zone, located in Liangjiang New Area, is transforming into a modern business cluster, where a large number of brand enterprises are located, making it a leading fashion area in Chongqing.

Liangjiang New Area is striving to build a people-oriented high-quality livable place, making urban planning return from industry-oriented to people-oriented, from production-oriented to life-oriented, from tradition-oriented to intelligence-oriented, and from growth-oriented to quality-oriented.

As one of the core areas with industries worth RMB, one trillion in Liangjiang New Area, Longsheng area is located between Tongluo Mountain and Mingyue Mountain and along the Yangtze River and the Yulin River, thus boasting beautiful scenery. Liangjiang Film and Television City, Longxing Ancient Town, Jihua Park, and Liangjiang Football Center endow Liangjiang New Area with cultural beauty. More than 20 universities situated in Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone provide it with the source of wisdom. Nankai High School, Harrow Innovation Leadership Academies, Chongqing Renmin Primary School, and other first-class educational and scientific research resources, as well as international Grade-A general hospital, have greatly strengthened this smart and innovative modern ecological new city.

Park construction in the area keeps upgrading

By the end of 2019, 116 parks had been built in Liangjiang New Area, and the number and density of parks ranked first among western China. These parks provide an enabling environment for the new area to promote high-quality development and create a favorable atmosphere for creating a high-quality life.

For example, among the parks that have been built, there are Surveying and Mapping Cultural Park that embodies the theme of surveying and mapping culture, Jinhaiwan Binjiang Park, that provides ecological landscape, and the Jiuqu River Wetland Park that presents a wetland ecosystem.

wetland park on Zhaomu mountain

The parks under construction or upgrading include Liangjiang Mountain Sports Park with sports culture as its theme, Jinyu Country Park, the largest maze park in China, and Qiubao Park, a showcase of industrial civilization.

In addition to sightseeing in the parks, various activities in novel forms are also carried out in local parks. Brisk walking in Jinshan Park, mini-marathon, and bird-loving photography activity at Zhaomushan Forest Park, and the chrysanthemum exhibition in the Expo Garden greatly enrich the cultural life of local citizens.

The parks, dotted in Liangjiang, enable a more superior living environment for locals. By the end of 2019, the green area of Liangjiang New Area had reached 32.08% (national garden city standard ≥31%), green coverage rate 42.17% (national garden city standard ≥36%) and per capita park green space 15.05 square meters (national garden city standard ≥7.5 square meters). It can be seen that several indicators have exceeded the national garden city standards, and the number and density of parks in the area rank first in western China.

In the next three years, there will be 56 more parks to be constructed in Liangjiang New Area, and per capita, park green space will exceed 20 square meters.

With intelligence empowering, Liangjiang writes a new chapter in urban construction

Yuelai International Convention & Exhibition City in Liangjiang New Area is one of the first sponge city pilot areas in China. Many intelligent construction elements have been applied in the field of urban ecology.

The innovative practice of sponge city brings noticeable changes to urban ecology. Drawing on the experience of Yuelai in sponge city construction, the government of Liangjiang New Area has developed relevant measures and systems for sponge city construction management and promoted the development of sponge city in the whole region.

Liangjiang New Area plans to build about 190 public sponge facilities, such as concave green spaces and rainwater wetlands, and complete the construction target of a sponge city of 60 square kilometers by 2020. And 80% of the built-up area will have reached the construction target of sponge city, and a three-dimensional sponge city with mountain characteristics will have been built by 2025.

Shizishan park

"Smart +" will be integrated into regional planning and construction, and in Liangjiang, smart business, smart street, smart community, and smart service are no longer just experience services. Liangjiang is being led by platforms such as Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone, Lijia Smart Park, and Yuelai International Convention & Exhibition City, enhancing its reputation as a "smart city."

Lijia Smart Park takes in four ecological parks, including Baiyunshan, Baiyunzhai, Baiyunhu, and Jinhaiwan, as its foundation and connect them, creating a future city supported by black technology and 5G network.

There are two rivers, four mountains, eight cities, and hundreds of parks in Liangjiang New Area. With the continuous development of ecological civilization, the ever more evident environmental advantages, and a comprehensively optimized environment for living and attracting investment, Liangjiang has explored a new way to give priority to ecology and the pursuit of green development in a coordinated way and enjoyed more significant potential in driving high-quality growth.


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