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Pengshui to Promote the Charm of Miao Culture Online


Chongqing- On June 18 evening, the mayor of Pengshui County also promoted their featured products in the live stream, especially the charming of Miao. Through the live broadcast, audiences experienced cultural products, the local cuisine, and amazing tour routes. At the same time, the Online Culture and Tourism House will present all characteristics and preferential products.

The mayor of Penshui County promoted local featured products in the live stream.


The magnificent mountains, clear rivers, lush forests, and unique residential houses in Pengshui form a fantastic image. The image or photo of Pengshui feasts people’s eyes, ecological sceneries everywhere in Pengshui.

The Ayi River

Ayi River, the national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot, is a fusion of mountains, water, forests, and springs. However, it is not only a place to enjoy natural sceneries but also a great place to experience the exciting entertainment projects, such as rafting. Moreover, there are incredible Weimo Mountain, beautiful Wujiang Baili Gallery, profound City of Chiyou Nine Li Tribe, and other attractive scenic spots. They are all famous and charming scenic spots of Chongqing, with its own features and charm.

The City of Chiyou Nine Li Tribe

In the live stream, there are lots of surprising discounts for ticket packages provided to audiences. The original price of the lifetime ticket package for Chiyou Nine Li Tribe – Weimo Mountain is 299 yuan/package while its plunged price is 99.9 yuan/package, limited to 2,000 sets. Moreover, there will also be 200 yuan’s coupons after placing an order.

The Ayi River

At the same time, the original price of the ticket package of Ayi River rafting is 350 yuan/package while its plunged price is also 99.9 yuan/package, limited to 5,000 sets, which can be used before June 31 next year. By using the ticket package, visitors can experience six-hour passionate rafting and enjoy a quiet canyon hike, especially suitable for couples and parent-child consumers. For those people who haven’t grabbed the plunged ticket packages, there is a preferential price of 138 yuan/package.

Featured products 

In addition to fantastic tour routes or ticket packages, the mayor of Pengshui County also introduced other Pengshui featured products to audiences in the live stream.

Pengshuijian County has more than 2000 years of history, with the integration of Miao culture, salt production, revolutionary culture, and more. The profound history accumulates lots of cultural heritage, in which there are two national-level intangible cultural heritage and 34 municipal-level ones. In the live stream, some local products, such as shaofen (sweet potato flour), local rice, and firethorn (a kind of berry), were presented to the public.

A village of Miao in Pengshui

Meanwhile, the spring water in the can is precious because it was found in the Ordovician dolomite layer 500 million years ago, with a large amount of strontium. Some water from the air, like rain, snow, frost, dew, and so on, in deep Dawuling Mountain, is naturally leached and infiltrated by these rock layers, bringing a large amount of strontium into the water. In this way, it forms a natural strontium-rich mountain spring. Until now, people have opportunities to drink strontium-rich mountain spring water and taste the most primitive and pure gift from nature.

The mayor of Pengshui County brought the spring water to audiences in the live stream, in which audiences can buy 60 cans (one set) of spring water with one yuan, limited to 800 sets. However, if the audience did not get the plunged price, he/she can also enjoy preferential prices, which is 132 yuan for two sets, 216 yuan for four sets, and 240 yuan for five sets.


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