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Face of Chongqing - Young Shivy and his Hip-Hop Dream

By Xinyi Li, Xingchen Yue, Yuxin Yang, Yuan ZhangICHONGQING|Jun 22,2020

Chongqing- When talking about hip-hop culture, many people, especially traditional people, might think it is a kind of culture with a negative attitude that belonged to young people mostly. However, when this issue is thought from another angle, it is easy to find that hip-hop culture is actually a new way for young people to break the tradition and telling the public their own ideas and culture.

Young Shivy (Zheng Tianyu), from Chongqing Wave Muzik, is a young singer as well as a hip-hop culture lover. In this episode of Faces of Chongqing, we found him  to share his stories about his love of hip-hop culture and inspiration.

Developed to the present, hip-hop culture’s biggest feature is rebellion and resistance, which kind of anti-antibody is now in all aspects of life and art. For example, face the oppression of various mainstreams with an indifferent attitude, deduce it, and use this method to compete with the mainstream. This rebellion stems from the weakness of life and from resistance to oppression. Knowing that self-awakening when you can’t make changes by force, keep yourself awake and stay deep.

At the same time, people inevitably encounter some annoying things in life, study, work, and even leisure. All kinds of uncomfortable things are like a big mountain, which affects our mood, and even makes us depressed and irritable. In fact, it is impossible for people to have a smooth life. The key is how we adjust our mentality when we encounter difficulties. To some extent, hip-hop culture is a way to vent negative emotions.


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