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Orderly Work Resumption of Wansheng-based Cultural Tourism Enterprises


Boasting popular sites such as air suspension corridor, high-altitude walking, glass hanging bridge, cliff swing, the Ordovician Theme Park has welcomed pouring tourists on the premise of normal epidemic prevention and control, sourced from Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone (Wansheng ETDZ) on June 16.


Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park

Unlike some scenic spots where tourism facilities, scenic spot marketing, and service items have been reduced, amusement facilities in the Ordovician Theme Park have increased instead.

"Recently, we rolled out cliff biking, cliff rope ladder, and prompt cliffd drop. These three new options will give tourists a refreshing feeling," noted Zou Yue, marketing director of the park.

Regarding cliff biking, two-wire ropes are set up in the air 300 meters from the bottom of the mountain, with the bicycle tires embedded on the wire ropes. A pair of two people ride forward on the bicycle under the premise of taking safety protection measures. Through cliff biking, people can fully feel the excitement offered by high-altitude sports.

"We make full use of big data to conduct comprehensive research and judgment on the tourism market, identify short links and strengthen accordingly, carry out precision marketing and business model innovation, continue to promote the standardization of tourism services, and constantly meet the diverse needs of tourists. The cultural tourism industry is continuously improving in quality and efficiency, which is warmly hailed by tourists of the whole city," claimed Yang Xueming, Cultural Tourism Bureau Director of Wansheng ETDZ.

In recent years, Wansheng ETDZ has promoted the transformation of tourism management from single department administration to comprehensive social governance following the requirements for the creation of all-for-one tourism demonstration areas and strengthened management services for all-for-one tourism. So far, Wansheng ETDZ has been developing cultural tourism products targeted at people of varied backgrounds and constantly promoting the integrated development of culture and tourism.


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