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Chongqing Strengthens Screening of People Returning to Chongqing

  • From 00:00 to 24:00 of June 18, there are no new domestic and overseas imported cases of COVID-19 in Chongqing.
  • At the end of 24:00 of June 18, Chongqing currently has three imported cases confirmed in hospitals, and 6 cases of imported confirmed cases are reported continuously, and three discharged cases have been gradually cured; there are no local confirmed cases and suspected cases.
  • There are 11 cases of asymptomatic infection, including 3 cases from Hubei Province, 7 cases from abroad, and 1 case from the local area, which are all undergoing medical observation.
  • As of 24 o’clock on June 18, A total of 25,354 people who had close contacts with COVID-19 patients have been traced, 25,143 people have been released from medical observation, and 211 people are still under medical scrutiny.

The 74th press conference of COVID-19’s prevention and control was held on June 19, 2020.

Chongqing- The 74th press conference of COVID-19’s prevention and control was held on June 19. Xia Pei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Health Commission, notified the latest epidemic situation.

Xia Pei said that at present, overseas outbreaks are still spreading, and there are continuous newly confirmed cases in China. The risk of outbreak prevention and control still exists. The prevention and control work must not be relaxed or slack. The normalized prevention and control measures must be implemented carefully. Chongqing will use more precise prevention and control measures to resolve unknowable risks and implement all prevention and control work carefully.

The Municipal Health Commission will strengthen the health management and health screening of people returning to Chongqing from medium and high-risk areas. Through comprehensive inspections of airports, train stations, and communities, full coverage and control of personnel returning to Chongqing from key areas since May 30 are achieved. We will continuously implement 14-day centralized isolation medical observation for those returning to Chongqing in high-risk areas, and 14 days of home medical observation for those returning to Chongqing in medium-risk regions and carry out new coronavirus nucleic acid testing to those people.

According to Xia Pei, in recent days, our city organized relevant disease control agencies and market supervision departments to conduct nucleic acid testing on imported food and environment and related practitioners in 12 large seafood (agricultural trade) markets. As of 24 o’clock on June 18, a total of 1418 samples of farmers’ markets and employees were tested, and the results of the coronavirus nucleic acid test were negative.

Xia Pei said that in the next step, the Municipal Health Commission would continue to strengthen the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, spare no effort in monitoring the farmers’ market, and dynamically adjust the health management measures for people returning to Chongqing from key areas, and effectively strengthen disease surveillance and information report in medical institutions.


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