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Visit Chongqing's Mountain Lakes for a Cool Summer


It’s getting hotter in Chongqing. Hence coolness is urgently needed at summer. There is no better way to relieve summer heat than a trip to mountain lakes. Let’s embark on this refreshing journey on weekends.

Bishan District · Qinglong Lake

Qinglong Lake.

Renowned for its green-waves, winding streams, and sweet springs, Qinglong Lake encompasses a myriad of lakes of various sizes amid the mountains and forests. Fishing here gives you a sense of enjoyment.

Location: Dagou Village, Dalu Town, Bishan District

Self-driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Chongqing Suining Expressway—Dalu Interchange—

heading to Batang Town—Qinglong Lake

Nanchuan District · Lixiang Lake

Lixiang Lake

Backed by zigzag Jinfo Mountain ranges, Lixiang Lake is endowed with 3000-plus mu (around 200 hectares) of the lake area, as well as vast forests and pristine landscapes. Here, you can go biking, fishing, shooting arrows, and camping. Moreover, there is a featured town just around the corner.

Location: Lixianghu Town, Nanchuan District

Self-driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Baotou-Maoming Expressway—Daguan Interchange—

S204—Lixiang Lake

Qianjiang District · Xiaonanhai Lake

Xiaonanhai Lake

Being a mountain lake, Xiaonanhai Lake boasts China’s unique and the world’s rare earthquake remains. What’s more, there are three islands, covered with age-old pine trees and bamboo houses, brimming with idyllic scenery.

Location: 30 km north of Qianjiang District

Self-driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Baotou-Maoming Expressway to Qianjiang—National Highway 319—Zhoubai tunnel—Turn right at Xiaba petrol station—Xiaonanhai Lake

Fengdu County · Nantian Lake

Nantian Lake

Nantian Lake is an ancient mysterious highland lake, located among rugged mountains and a sea of green bamboo. In the sun, sitting by the lake and feeling the lake breeze on your face, you will be relaxed.

Location: Nantianhu Scenic Area in Fengdu County

Self-driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway south line (G50s)—Fengdu County—Nantian Lake

Bring your whole family to enjoy the fresh air in these mountain lakes.


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