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10 Minutes! Cross-border E-Commerce Shopping Hitting a New Speed Record


On June 16, Ms. Wang purchased six cans of infant formula in the Belt and Road Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center in Liangjiang New Area. This was a fresh experience for Ms. Wang. She received her delivery within 10 minutes from placing her order. Previously, she had to go back home to wait for the delivery after placing the order. Such a fresh experience owed a great deal to the new business of “front store and back warehouse + quick delivery” launched by the Customs. Thanks to the support of the Chongqing Customs District P.R.CHINA, Chongqing became the first city to pilot the new business in central and western China.

All kinds of commodities.

The new business of “front store and back warehouse + quick delivery” makes full use of the policy advantage of Chongqing Lianglu/Cuntan Free Trade Port Area and functional area of trade and establishes the O2O platform of cross-border e-commerce through one-stop access to a distribution center, thus realizing the experiential shopping of cross-border e-commerce, said Su Dunfeng, Deputy Chief of Chongqing Lianglu/Cuntan Customs.

Chongqing Lianglu/Cuntan Free Trade Port Area

Take a Japanese facial mask as an example. Though an online store sells the same product, there is widespread concern among consumers about the channel and source, and the logistics process takes a long time. In the Belt and Road Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center, however, the quality of the facial mask can be guaranteed, and the price is half of that sold in the shopping mall. A consumer can also take delivery of goods on-site. In summary, shopping in the center is cheap, time-saving and convenient.

Meanwhile, the new business format lowers the cost of cross-border e-commerce enterprises. In the supervision model of the “front store and back warehouse,” the cross-border e-commerce enterprises can store their commodities in bonded warehouses and pay taxes when the products are sold, thereby saving the cost for turnover of capital for these enterprises. It is calculated that the model of “front store and back warehouse” can decrease the operating cost by around 30%, bringing more benefits to consumers.

By far, Lianglu/Cuntan Customs has promoted the establishment of a distribution center in the Belt and Road Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center by the cross-border e-commerce platform “igetmall.net” and is cooperating with the Chongqing Lianglu/Cuntan Free Trade Port Area in collecting the best-sellers of boutique beauty, nutrition, and health care and maternal and child supplies across the globe to help fully realize on-site purchase and distribution in the area In January-May, the volume of business of cross-border e-commerce platforms in the area is expected to total RMB 1.558 billion, increasing by about 44% compared with the same period last year.


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