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Stunning Forest Parks in Chongqing


Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, together with Chongqing Forestry Bureau and Chongqing Geographic Information Center, formally launches the Chongqing National Forest Park Map to invite you to visit the national forest parks in Chongqing and feel the wonderful adventures brought by the forest.

Shuanggui Mountain National Forest Park, Fengdu County

Shuanggui Mountain National Forest Park

The Shuanggui Mountain National Forest Park is located on the bank of the Yangtze River in the northwest of Fengdu County, facing Mingshan Scenic Spot. Shuanggui Mountain stands 401 meters high and covers an area of about one square kilometer. As early as 1992, the mountain was approved as a “National Forest Park” by the Ministry of Forestry. After several years of afforestation, there are more than 500,000 trees of different species and more than 100 species of flowers on the mountain, including more than 20 species of rare trees.

Baergai National Forest Park, Youyang County

Baergai National Forest Park

The Baergai National Forest Park consists of three parts, namely the Shandaigou, Sunyan Canyon, and the Muye River. The park boasts the over-500-year old primeval forest and the spectacular Sunyan Canyon, which creates the purest ecological environment with a negative oxygen ion level of Class I. Throughout the year, here offers a magnificent forest landscape. It is a model of harmony between man and nature and is known as the “plant kingdom and natural oxygen bar.”

Dayuandong National Forest Park, Jiangjin District

Dayuandong National Forest Park

The Dayuandong National Forest Park stands in the mid-subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest with forest coverage of 95.4%. The park is rich in animal and plant resources. In addition to the forest landscape, the geological landscape of the park is also very distinctive. Red rock cliffs, grotesque peaks and steep ranges vividly show the Danxia landform of the park.

Qiaokouba National Forest Park, Banan District

Qiaokouba National Forest Park

The Qiaokouba National Forest Park, with a total area of 7,690 hectares, is located in Shengdengshan Town, Banan District. It features four scenic spots, including Yunzhuan Mountain, Qiaokouba, Anlan, and Shengdeng Mountain. The elevation of the park ranges from 200 to 1,064 meters, and the height of the mountain is between 500 and 800 meters. Thanks to its outstanding features, Shengdeng Mountain is known as the “Little Mount Emei in Eastern Sichuan.”

Xuebao Mountain National Forest Park, Kaizhou District

Xuebao Mountain National Forest Park

The Xuebao Mountain National Forest Park is located in the north of the Kaizhou District, abundant in wild animal and plant resources, including 50 plants and 32 wild animals under state priority conservation. The park is an elaborate forest park with diverse ecological characteristics and outstanding features.


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