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Waterfall Appears in Chongqing's Yubei District after Heavy Rain


Chongqing – Yubei District in Chongqing has been hit by the most torrential rainfall of the year for several days, with a maximum rainfall of 189.6 millimeters. After the continuous heavy rainfall, the natural waterfall appeared in Yubei’s Jingtong Town. The spectacular scenery here attracted many citizens.

In Luotang Village, Jingzhen Town, a river, which runs between high mountains and gorges, rose nearly five meters after the rainfall. Where the water plunges from a height of nearly 30 meters, a waterfall appears. Local villagers call it “Zaiyuan Waterfall.”


Waterfall created by the heavy rain.

Standing in front of the waterfall, you can see the rapid water falling from the cliff as if the beautiful white satin falling from the rocks. The water plunges down like ten thousand horses galloping and thunders against the rocks with splashes, which look like flying flowers and jade scattering everywhere, presenting spectacular scenery.

Waterfall created by the heavy rain.

Waterfall created by the heavy rain.

The rare waterfall after heavy rain has attracted many shutterbugs to record this beautiful scenery with the camera.


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