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China's First National Digital Economy Innovation and Development Pilot Zone Launched in Chongqing


On June 22, according to the conference on promoting the development of digital economy in Chongqing, the Work Plan of Chongqing on Building the National Digital Economy Innovation and Development Pilot Zone has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Cyberspace Administration of China and will be released soon. It marked that Chongqing has become the first digital economy innovation and development pilot zone in China.

It is clearly stated in the plan that Chongqing will vigorously carry out reform innovation and pilot programs around the key issues restricting the innovative development of the local digital economy in about three years. The city will strive to promote its digital economy to reach an output value of RMB 1 trillion by 2022, accounting for more than 40% of its GDP.

To cultivate “100+500+5000” market players in the field of the digital economy.

According to the plan, Chongqing will build a pilot zone to speed up institutional innovation in the fields of data, talent, and finance, stimulate the internal driving force of digital industrialization and industry digitization and cultivate new growth points for the digital economy. It will also be deeply involved in international cooperation in the digital economy to build Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle. In addition, it will continue to use data flows to drive technological, material, financial, and talent flows, promote industrial, urban and rural, and regional integration, and speed up the digital transformation of the local economy and society.

To this end, Chongqing will spend about three years to cultivate “100+500+5000” digital economy market players, i.e., to cultivate 100 leading enterprises with strong innovation ability, strong development momentum and significant driving effect in the field of the digital economy, 500 high-growth innovative enterprises in frontier fields, and 5,000 small, medium and micro enterprises and innovation teams that are specialized, featured, high-precision, and advanced.

To promote the flow of data, pool talents, and vitalize market players in seven areas.

What kind of specific measures will be taken? The plan sets out 30 main tasks in seven areas.

In optimizing systems and policies, Chongqing will explore the integrated development and utilization mechanism of government service, public and social data. It will establish the integration mechanism of industry and education, which will adapt to the development of the local digital economy. It will promote the interconnection, data sharing, and business collaboration of government regulation and enterprise management systems. It will also explore and develop laws and regulations on artificial intelligence applications, and build a monitoring and dispatching platform for the development and operation of the local digital economy.

To promote digital industrialization, Chongqing will strive to improve the cluster of supplementary chains and optimize the industrial ecology featuring chips, LCD panels, intelligent terminals, core components, and IoT. At the same time, it will expedite the development of the network security industry, stimulate the development vitality of the digital cultural and creative sector, accelerate the cultivation of emerging industries, as well as encourage and push for the development of online services.

In accelerating the digitization of industries, Chongqing will advance the digitization transformation of the manufacturing sector and speed up the deep integration of digital technology with the construction sector, agriculture, rural areas, and services.

In speeding up the construction of new infrastructure, Chongqing will give full play to its advantages such as the direct connection with national Internet backbone to build a space-ground integrated information network, deploy computing power and test infrastructure in advance, and accelerate the implementation of a number of new infrastructure projects such as 5G, data centers, artificial intelligence, and the IoT.

In jointly building the Chengdu-Chongqing digital economy circle and deeply participating in the international cooperation of the digital economy, Chongqing will intensify regional digital economy cooperation and promote the alignment of the development policies in the digital economy between Chengdu and Chongqing, as well as build an international data exchange center in this region.

In strengthening innovation support, Chongqing will build a national high-end collaborative R&D platform, a national industrial innovation platform, a diversified professional service platform, accelerate the pooling of high-quality innovation resources, and carry out joint scientific researches.

In pressing ahead intelligent public services, Chongqing will make good use of “cloud service, network interconnection, big data, algorithm and application” element cluster, highlight the catalytic role of digital technology in urban-rural integration, and enhance the capability of digital public services. It will push for the construction of smart government, smart communities, smart transportation, smart medical care, smart education, and smart ecology.

To promote the coordinated development of the digital economy in the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.

To ensure that all tasks are carried forward as scheduled, relevant municipal departments will set up special working groups to make overall planning and conduct follow-up monitoring. Relevant districts, counties, universities, research institutes, and key enterprises will develop work plans following the requirements of materializing related projects.

At the same time, Chongqing will also carry out the municipal digital economy innovation development pilot demonstration program. Priority support will be given to districts, counties, universities, research institutes, and key enterprises that have made breakthroughs in this field. The municipal government will also regularly supervise and inspect the implementation of the construction tasks of the pilot zone by the local district, counties, and municipal departments, and launch special inspections on key responsibilities to ensure that the construction of the pilot zone can achieve the expected results.


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