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Tube-shaped Apartment Building on Haitangxi Main Street

Tube-shaped Apartment Building

The tube-shaped apartment building, situated on Haitangxi Main Street, Nan’an District, Chongqing, has always been a popular shooting place for film and TV series. Last year’s hit film Better Days and the Daughter, which has aroused heated discussions in WeChat Moment this year, were both shot there. It was an old building hidden on Haitangxi Main Street, next to the magnificent Sheraton Chongqing Hotel. The exterior of the residential building looks just like the neighboring buildings, but inside it looks different, presenting a contrast between the new and the old. Octagonal patios, gray walls, and old staircases all seem to be silently telling the past stories of this building.

Location: Haitangxi Main Street, Nan’an District

Transportation: take the local rail transit loop line, get off at Haitangxi Station, and walk for 10 minutes

Rongqiao Park

Lotus leaves sway in the wind, and lotus flowers give off fragrance in summer.

The lakeside was strewn with trees, and pavilions are reflected on the surface of the lake. Lotus flowers and the garden set each other off, presenting antique beauty. It is not only a good place for adults to relax in, but also a paradise for children. There are also colorful trains that you can take photos with, so let’s go on a dream trip here.

Rongqiao Park

Location: Fenglin Road, Nan’an District

Transportation: take the local rail transit loop line, get off at Tongyuanju Station, and walk for 10 minutes

Chongqing Industrial Museum

Chongqing Industrial Museum

Old-fashioned steam locomotives, the first batch of tracks of the old Chengdu-Chongqing Railway. These are what Chongqing Industrial Culture Exposition Park has.

With dark green steel structure, khaki cedar roof, and spacious space, the park presents many characteristics of the industrial style. Diversified elements cluster here.

Location: 999 Yidu Road, Dadukou District

Transportation: take Line 2 to Dadukou Station, then transfer to Bus 207 and get off at Industrial Museum Station

Huguang Guild Hall

Huguang Guild Hall

Huguang Guild Hall, located by the Yangtze River in Dongshuimen, Yuzhong District, is the largest ancient guildhall building complex preserved in the urban center of China. Today, everything in the past has gone with the wind. The past glory, the operas staged in Dayu Temple, and the ruins, all of them seem to be hidden in the old building, telling the legend of the building eloquently. Accompanied by the breeze from the river, you can walk all the way to Raffles City. Looking at the surging river at the foot and the tall buildings towering into clouds, you will involuntarily feel proud of our hometown. Location: No.1, Bajiao Garden, Changbin Road, Yuzhong District

Transportation: take Line 6 or the loop line and get off at Xiaoshizi Station, and then walk there

Second-hand Bookstore in Zhongxing Road

Second-hand Bookstore in Zhongxing Road

The bookstore is 3.5 meters high, with second-hand books piled from floor to ceiling, including books in the fields of humanity, geography, education, science & technology, and art. To reach the books atop, you need a ladder. All kinds of books are piled up without any order, presenting a kind of unique beauty and looking like a work of art.

Location: C-9, Second-hand Bookstore, Zhongxing Road, Yuzhong District

Transportation: take Line 1 and get off at Jiaochangkou Station. It then takes 5 minutes to walk there

Natural World Park

Natural World Park

Beibei Natural World Park is located at the eastern foot of the Jinyun Mountain, next to a cluster of villas.

Now the park has two small hills. On one of the hills, tourists can enjoy themselves amidst blossoms for free, while on the other hill, there is a parent-child amusement park and a beautiful lawn where people can enjoy the sunshine, but entrance fees will be charged from tourists. As mentioned above, the park is located at the eastern foot of Jinyun Mountain, so visitors can also choose to climb the Jinyun Mountain directly from here. The mountain is covered with towering ancient trees and forests of bamboo. In addition to hiking to the top of the mountain, visitors can go to the Jinyun Temple on the mountain to experience the Buddhist culture. By visiting the ancient temple and Taoist temple here, visitors can gain peace of mind.

Location: Natural World Park in Beibei District

Transportation: take Line 6 and get off at Longfengxi Station (Exit 2), take Bus 584A at Guangliang Tianrun City Bus station and get off at Science and Technology Fitness Ladder, and walk for 10 minutes


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