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Chongqing Musters All-out Efforts in Flood Relief


From 8 a.m. on June 27 to 8 a.m. the next day, a total of 28 local districts and counties in Chongqing experienced heavy rains. Due to the rainfalls, the highest water level of nine medium and small rivers surpassed the safe level, including Lixiang River in Fuling. Officials at all levels and masses in Chongqing actively responded to the rainstorm disaster, adhered to the principle “people first and life first,” went all out to fight floods and provide disaster relief, ensured the safety of people’s lives and property, and made every effort to cushion losses.

Since heavy rains hit the city, the militia forces of all districts and counties have been dispatched to the front lines of flood-fighting and emergency rescues. Over the past few days, the militia in local districts and counties has assisted in evacuating more than 7,000 people and transferring over 20 tons of materials.

The militia forces of all districts and counties have been dispatched to the front lines of flood-fighting and emergency rescues.

On June 27, heavy rainfalls caused the water of the Apeng River in Qianjiang District to flood into a shop nearby, and the rising water levels threatened the surrounding settlements. After being informed of the situation, the People’s Armed Force Department of Qianjiang District quickly organized militia for flood control to keep an eye on the flooding area, evacuate the residents from the scene, and at the same time, spare no effort to help the residents transfer their property.

From June 27 to June 28, Wulong District was hit by downpours, with severe local rainstorms. Wulong District timely activated a level-IV and level-III emergency response after heavy downpours wreaked havoc. A working team led by relevant heads of the district emergency management bureau went to the towns and villages severely affected by the torrential downpours to conduct disaster verification, guide local governments to do an excellent job in the relocation and resettlement of the victims, and evacuate and relocate 800 people. In addition, ten tents, 100 quilts, and 115 folding beds were distributed to relevant towns and townships, and five assault boats were dispatched to the hard-hit town of Yajiang to carry out rescue operations.

In Yongchuan District, more than 30 emergency platoon militiamen participated in the rescue and relief in Banqiao Town around the clock. The militiamen evacuated residents and transferred people’s property close to the river, and at the same time, focused on the inspection of the houses along the Banqiao River and other hazardous areas such as the main bridges, drainage, and hydrological monitoring stations, so as to eliminate hidden dangers.

Next, the city’s various districts and counties will focus on water patrol work and closely monitor the flood situation, to ensure that in case of danger, they can immediately launch an emergency rescue.


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