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Find a Bucolic Log Cabin for an Escape from Urban Bustle and Hustle


Maybe living in a fairytale treehouse is a dream coveted by virtually everyone. Imagine every morning you are kissed awake by a dreamy ray of soft sunlight cast through the leaves. Is it hard to realize? No, there are right some tree houses that can rival the world’s best in Chongqing. Come and introduce yourself to how it feels to live in a vast forest!

Dalaishan Tree House, Banan District

Dalaishan Tree House

Dalaishan Tree House is located in Dingshan Village, Anlan Town, Banan District. Rising 800 meters above the sea level, this village boasts an immense expanse of forest. Tucked away in this forest maze, the treehouse is also pleasantly cooler than the city proper.

In the daytime, you can take relaxing walks, enjoy idyllic sights, or sample rustic gastronomic delights.  At night, you can enjoy the cozy breeze and serene forest, so serene that you seem able to hear the sound of flowering.

If you are pining for mountain walking, birds tweeting, cicada chirping, green grass, or fragrant flowers, Dalaishan Tree House is the perfect hideaway for you to have a good time.

Address: Dingshan Village, Anlan Town, Banan District

Route: Chongqing’s city proper—Inner Ring Expressway—Yipin Lower Lane—Anlan Town—Longgang—Dalaishan Tree House

Yufengshan Walnut Log Cabins, Yubei District

Yufengshan Walnut Log Cabins

Yufengshan Walnut Log Cabins is perched atop Yufeng Mountain with a commanding view of Chongqing’s city proper. With an adorable look, it is nothing like a live fairytale house, capturing the hearts of many young girls and boys.

You can sit around on the patio enjoying a cup of tea while getting a breath of refreshing air and a sampling of forest quietness. 

Every log cabin has its own patio that has a gorgeous overlook of the whole forest.

If mountain breeze, twinkling stars, and romantic moon are your thing, Yufengshan Walnut Log Cabins are the very spot with both natural beauty and unique jungle flight.

Address: Yufengshan National Forest Park, Yubei District

Route: Chongqing’s city proper—Hai’er Road—Tieshanping Forest Park—Yufengshan Walnut Log Cabins

Huangguashan Cliffside Log Cabins, Yongchuan District

Huangguashan Cliffside Log Cabins

Huangguashan Cliffside Log Cabins is situated in the Colorful Blueberry Garden, Yongchuan District. In each log cabin, there is a floor-to-ceiling window on the cliffside, so the view is heavenly expansive.

Early morning when you push the window open, you will be greeted by a commanding sight of verdant greenery and a huge blast of fresh air, making you wind down from inside out. Also, at the foot of Huanggua Mountain nestles a pretty lake named Weixing. At the sight of this little gem of a place, you will feel all your worries that linger on your mind for days are swept away at once.

To round off your holiday, Huangguashan Cliffside Log Cabins that sits in a blueberry garden also offers enjoyable blueberry picking experience.

Address: Colorful Blueberry Garden, Huanggua Mountain, Yongchuan District

Route: Chongqing’s city proper—Chongqing–Kunming Expressway—Yongchuan District—Provincial Highway S205—Huanggua Mountain—Colorful Blueberry Garden

Bayueshan Forest Log Cabins, Tongliang District

Bayueshan Forest Log Cabins

Bayueshan Forest Log Cabins is a very good value for money. With an unrivaled living experience, its detached accommodation comes highly recommended.

Every log cabin is furnished with floor-to-ceiling windows through which you can see the forest, so the environment is unbelievably breathtaking.

Chatting away with family and friends in the virgin forest is no doubt the ultimate enjoyment.

Moreover, you can take a side trip from here to Bayue Mountain for climbing, or Xuantian Lake for dabbling, or Huayu Youyou Valley in the western suburbs for flowers, adding more fun to your holiday.

Address: Jidi Outdoor Sports Base, Bayue Mountain, Tongliang District

Route: Chongqing’s city proper—Chengdu-Chongqing Ring Road Expressway—Tongliang Interchange—XA01—Jidi Outdoor Sports Base

Moweishan Forest Log Cabins, Pengshui County

Moweishan Forest Log Cabins

At Mowei Mountain, the air is fresh and clean. Taking a stroll along a mountain path lined with flowers and trees is very relaxing.

There are over 20 villa-style log cabins of varying sizes. This small log cabin village blends in perfectly with surrounding forest sea, giving an expression of living the same way as our forefathers used to live.

Address: Pengshui Moweishan Scenic Area

Route: Chongqing’s city proper—Chongqing-Hunan Expressway—Nanchuan District—Wulong County—Pengshui Western Lower Lane—Mowei Mountain

At Moweishan Forest Log Cabins, you will wake up languidly at a treehouse with birds chirping around your ear and your love by your side, getting off your day to a snug and delightful start. Maybe, this is real life.


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