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Faces of Chongqing: Guesthouse Architect Liu Xiaobo: Travel is My Inspiration


Chongqing- There are lots of traveling lovers all around the world and their reasons why they love to travel are almost the same – for beautiful sceneries, delicious food, exciting experiences, and more. Traveling can change their mindset and let people see or feel a different world. Meanwhile, traveling allows people to embrace the unknown world without any fear of it. As a traveling lover, one usually has a different attitude towards life.

As the saying goes in China, it is better to travel thousands of miles than read thousands of books. Liu Xiaobo, a traveling lover, is a guesthouse architect. After 7,300 days of traveling, through over 10 countries, with a mileage of 1.3 million kilometers, from the year 2000 to now, he has renovated over 10 guesthouses. He said, “travel is my inspiration.”

We always see many other people share their travel experiences and stories online. However, in addition to envy, someone will always mention a soul question “whether there is any meaning in travel”. This old question is actually full of anxiety. If you are always thinking about if the places you visit are really “expensive”, the photos you take are really nice, or if your post online will get many “likes”, the “fake” travel usually makes you feel tired, and it is even more tired than work.

It is a process of talking with yourself in a short time and meeting the real self in the gap of time. In fact, the meaning of travel is not just to tell others, “I’ve been here”.

The reason people are longing for a distant place is that it is full of too much unknown. The starry sky is beautiful because it shines in the dark night. In this episode of Faces of Chongqing, Liu Xiaobo shared his story of traveling and his inspiration to work.


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