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Chinese Architecture Exhibition 'Multum in Parvo' Unveiled at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

By James AlexanderICHONGQING|Jul 18,2020

Chongqing- On June 16th, 2020, the art exhibition ‘Multum in Parvo,’ organized by the Green Design Institute (SCFAI) and VA Galleries, was officially opened to the public at the Art Museum of Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in University City, to promote Chinese architectural philosophy and beauty to a worldwide audience in an age of globalization. The exhibition is open to the public until June 30th this month.

The exhibition featured seven themed areas for the artistic beauty of Chinese architecture, the human spirit behind the classic architecture of Suzhou Gardens, historical writings, inheritance and innovation, China and the world, and art implement displays themed on ‘Humankind and nature’ and ‘The glory of wood.’

Supporting organizations are the Chongqing Culture and Tourism Development Commission, SUNAC China, the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (SCFAI), the Whitrap Traditional Architecture Conservation Union, and the Suzhou World Heritage and Traditional Architecture Conservation Institute.


Organizers and supporting institutions of the Multum in Parvo Chinese Architecture Culture and Art Exhibition officially unveil the event to the public.

China has faced the enormous challenges of COVID-19, together with the world. Medical personnel and public worker across all trades have contributed their energy and skills on the front line, gaining victories in the long process. China has shared the experiences of medical workers on how to tackle the crisis with countries the world over.

In the field of traditional architecture, the quintessential ‘Humble Administrator’s Garden’ and ‘Lingering Garden’ of the Suzhou classic landscapes have been selected for world intangible heritage. Suzhou ‘Xiangshan’ traditional architecture has exhibited Chinese philosophy and plans for the world in urbanization. This intangible heritage involves design, materials, and handcraft, among many other domains.


Organizers, representatives of supporting institutions, and guests admire the traditional artwork on display.

Organizers hope the Xiangshan guild of Suzhou traditional architects and craftsman share their artistic wisdom with contemporaries worldwide, deepen the sense of shared destiny amongst humankind, and gain advancement through mutual learning and exchange.

The exhibition will offer new ideas on green sustainable development based on Chinese architectural artistry, materials, and building philosophy.

Furthermore, citizens have the opportunity to admire and learn from the beauty of Chinese architecture, strengthening their cultural depth and confidence.


A traditional Chinese adornment made with intricately positioned tiles on view at the exhibition.


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