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Keeping Smile, 2020 Jiangbeizui Never Sleeps Promotion Launched in Chhongqing

By James AlexanderICHONGQING|Jul 18,2020

Chongqing- On the evening of July 17th, the 2020 Jiangbeizui Never Sleeps festival was launched in Jiangbei CBD, organized by the Jiangbei Business Committee and the Jiangbeizui Central Business Administration Committee. The aim is to enhance the popularity of the International Finance Center (IFS) and drive consumer spending in the area. The launch featured highlights such as art exhibitions, children’s drawing activities, light shows, and performances.


The 2020 Jiangbeizui Never Sleeps themed promotion to great fanfare at IFS in the Jiangbei CBD.

Between March and June earlier this year, businesses and outlets in Jiangbei successfully held the ‘Jiangbei with Compliments’ themed event that offered discounts in the CBD area and increased turnover in the accommodation and catering industries by a large margin. This consumer event was held by the Jiangbeizui Administration Committee with the support of the Jiangbei District Business Committee.

Based on this previous success, the Jiangbei Never Sleeps Life Festival was launched on July 17th in the Jiangbei CBD and will last until October 30th.


The energetic and positive motto behind the 2020 Jiangbeizui Never Sleeps promotion is ‘keep smiling.’

During the month-long event, Jiangbeizui is promoting boutique travel, night view tours, and night reading events as part of culturally themed activities. Locations such as bookstores, zoos, and art museums are encouraged to extend opening hours into the night to hold events in keeping with the theme of Jiangbei Never Sleeps and to enhance tourism and vitality after dark. Presenting a good way to experience the nightlife in Chongqing, the event will close on 30th October.

The event motto of Jiangbeizui Never Sleeps was chosen as ‘Keep Smiling,’ for it’s a strong expression of optimism towards life. Chongqing IFS has joined hands with the visual artist Kissmiklos to release the CQIFSxEmograms interactive art display and ‘Keep Smiling’ themed summer events, which are designed to bring happiness through smiley snapshot coffeeshops, VR game experiences, Emograms-™ limited gift packages, dining festivals, and other public benefit activities that effuse positive energy.


A live band featured among the many entertaining highlights of the event.

The Life Festival event will hold the ‘My Picture of Jiangbeizui’ children’s drawing competition, where they can let their imaginations soar while drawing the impressive skyline and views on offer. There are no limitations on artistic style, and the competition is open to all children aged between 3-14 years.

Chongqing Jiangbei CBD is a 125 square kilometer area situated at the confluence point of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers. It is often called the urban guest quarters of Chongqing, and is famous for the impressive scenic views and attractions.


The Jiangbeizui area of Chongqing will hold a variety of nighttime activities to add further vibrancy and popularity to the nocturnal atmosphere.

(Photographs provided courtesy of the Chongqing Jiangbeizui CBD Administration Committee Office)


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