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Lots of Different Delicious Food of Qijiang to Stimulate Taste Buds


Chongqing- To promote Qijiang’s fantastic tourist, cultural, and food products, the mayor of Qijiang District had brought lots of discounts in the live broadcast, on July 16 evening. During the live stream, the mayor became an anchor, promoting Qijiang’s beautiful sceneries, gourmet food, and cultural and creative products to everyone. Among all those fantastic products, delicious food is one of the most recommended products, stimulating visitors’ taste buds in this city. At the same time, you can also find other Chongqing featured products at the Online Culture and Tourism House.

The mayor of Qijiang District (middle) had promoted lots of delicious food in the live stream.

Tickets of scenic spots only need one yuan

Qijiang National Geological Park of Chongqing was approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People’s Republic of China, in August 2009. It consists of three parks, Cuiping Mountain, Laoying Mountain, and Gujian Mountain, with a total area of 99.98 square kilometers. There are typical wood fossil clusters, dinosaur footprint fossil clusters, and Danxia landform landscape (consist of a red bed characterized by steep cliffs). During the live stream, the mayor of Qijiang District had brought the special price of Qijiang National Geological Park of Chongqing, which only needed 1 yuan/person while the original price was 100 yuan/person, limited to 1,000 tickets.

Gujian Mountain

Meanwhile, rafting in Xiangma River has a total falling head of more than 100 meters, spending about two hours. The scenic spot of the rafting area retains the appearance of the original forest to the greatest extent, covering more than 85% areas. This place has fresh air and high negative oxygen ion content, making itself become a natural oxygen bar. In the live broadcast, the ticket price only needed 1 yuan/person while its original price was 198/person, limited to 100 tickets.

Rafting in Xiangma River

Moreover, there were other preferential prices for scenic spots in Qijiang, including the flower valley or camping base in the live stream. Except for those beautiful and amazing scenic spots in Qijiang, there were also other cultural products promoted on July 16 evening, such as T-shirt, picture books, and more.

The camping base in Qijiang

Diverse kinds of food to attract foodies

Hengshan Rice looks glittering and translucent, with the plump body and faint scent. In the Qing Dynasty, Qijiang officials also regarded Hengshan Rice as a tribute to the emperor so that Hengshan Rice was also called “Gong Mi” (the tribute rice). The original price was 138 yuan/5 kilograms while its plunged price was 108 yuan/5 kilograms in the live stream.

Hengshan Rice

Zhongfeng Honey is mainly made of honey of various flowers, which is green and healthy. Meanwhile, it is a superior natural medicinal health care product, which is good at enhancing immunity, improving cardio-cerebrovascular metabolism, promoting sleep, treating constipation. In addition, it also has effects on beauty and moisturizing. Zhongfeng Honey is loved a lot by consumers. The original price was 128 yuan while its plunged price was 98 yuan in the live broadcast.

Zhongfeng Honey

In Chongqing and even China, baozi, porridge, or other food with light flavored is a kind of common meal for breakfast. The flavor of the breakfast will become richer because of sufu. Dongxi Sufu always keeps to the traditional production techniques, with good taste, high nutrition, a special fragrance. The original price was 16.8 yuan/bottle while its plunged price was 18.8 yuan/bottle in the live stream.

Dongxi Sufu

Since ancient times, local residents in Qijiang had popularized the preservation and consumption of chilies and peppers by fermentation to make a local specialty as a kind of sauce, ingredient, or condiment. Due to the special appetizer, the locals joked that “with it, the rice will suffer (consumed faster)”, so it has been passed down to become today’s “Fan Zaoyang (rice suffers)”. The original price was 39.8 yuan/bottle while its plunged price was 32.8 yuan/bottle in the live broadcast.

Fan Zaoyang (pickle/sauce)

Jinjiao Beef Jerky, an old Chinese brand, has been passed down for centuries and is loved by the public. At present, the old Sichuan taste (a series of the products) of Jinjiao Beef Jerky, is most famous for spiced beef jerky and spicy beef jerky, with endless aftertastes and Chongqing taste. The original price was 158 yuan/box while its plunged price was 138 yuan/box in the live stream.

Jinjiao Beef Jerky

In addition to the food mentioned above, there are also many other kinds of food. For example, Duowei Bean Curd has a tender, elastic, and spicy taste, which cannot be resisted by foodies. Anwen mutton was gotten rid of the bad smell by traditional Chinese herbs, with many different cook methods. Liu’s Duck has its own unique ingredients and condiments during cooking, with crispy skin and tight duck meat. Lots of discounts were brought by the mayor of Qijiang District in the live stream, giving audiences surprises.

Anwen mutton


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