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Yubei District: Favorable Business Environment Boosts High-quality Development


Yubei’s economic development has always been so eye-catching. In 2019, the GRP of Yubei District reached 184.82 billion yuan, and its economic aggregate once again ranked first in Chongqing. Yubei’s economic total has been at the forefront of Chongqing’s high-quality development for nine consecutive years since it ranked first in 2011.

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“It is the favorable business environment created by benchmarking world standards that have promoted the great opening-up, and the great opening-up has promoted the great economic development,” head of Yubei District Development and Reform Commission pointed out, stressing that Yubei strictly benchmarked the 11 indicators of the World Bank’s business environment assessment system. In carefully creating the business environment, Yubei has played a window role in building an open inland highland and a leading role in high-quality development.

How favorable is Yubei’s business environment? To this regard, Liu Xuemei cited Chongqing’s assessment data to elaborate: In 2019, a total of 152 projects were introduced in Yubei, with a contractual investment of 141.6 billion yuan; in the first half of this year’s formal contract amount of investment, Yubei once again ranked first in the metropolitan area.

The excellent business environment has made Yubei the portal of Chongqing’s inland opening-up, forming a prominent pattern of all-round opening-up. This portal role is embodied in Yubei’s excellent business environment, which leads the city in terms of open platforms, open channels, and a free degree.

“Favorable business environment promotes Yubei to become the portal of Chongqing’s inland open highland construction, and the great opening-up promotes the rapid, healthy and high-quality economic development of Yubei,” noted head of Yubei District Development and Reform Commission, adding that “This is the real reason why Yubei’s economic aggregate can firmly stand in the forefront of Chongqing.”


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