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A New Landscape in Chongqing: Five Bridges in Sight


Reputed as the Bridge Capital of China, Chongqing presents various bridge scenes. Huangjuewan Overpass, known as the world’s most complex one, gives you visual enjoyment with its seven layers of lanes. Driving along the 360-degree Sujiaba Flyover will provide you with the feeling of riding a roller coaster. Besides, E’gongyan Bridge and Rail Bridge will present you with the most authentic Chongqing cityscape. Actually, in Jiangbei District, there’s a place that has five bridges in sight, among which there are both century-old bridges and railway bridges that have witnessed the city’s development. Where is this place? It is located in Cuntan Old Street at the mouth of the Shuangxi River. Looking down along the river, you can spot five bridges spanning it.

Five Bridges appears in one picture.

The first bridge is the Cuntan Zhishan Bridge

Tracing back to 1847, this century-old stone bridge is very peculiar in its shape. Its east bridgehead curves outwards and its west bridgehead curves inwards. The curves from both sides stretch to the bridge opening, forming east-west echoing “pair curves.” Now Cuntan Zhishan Bridge is a key cultural relic protection unit in Jiangbei District, and both ends of the bridge are sealed by stone slabs to prevent pedestrians from passing through.

The second bridge is Cuntan Old Road Bridge

This bridge is called “Cuntan Leader Bridge.” Standing on the bridge, you can easily notice that it was a highway bridge of the former Laowutang Road. The bridge has been closed to traffic due to its poor quality.

The third bridge is the Cuntan Yangtze River Bridge on the existing Haier Road

Built in 2004, this bridge is in a location on the road connecting Wulidian and Tangjiatuo.

The fourth bridge is the overpass stretching from Cuntan Station of CRT Line 4 to Baoshuigang Station.

The fifth bridge is not conspicuous, but can you guess where it is? It is the section from Paomaping interchange to Baiyanggou interchange of the Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway Bridge. This unique landscape not only features “five bridges in one place,” but also the excellent presentation of ancient and modern bridges and the contribution of the working people in different periods in bridge construction.


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