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Are you still wondering how to spend your weekend? From today, the Culture and Tourism Commission of Yubei District will roll out a special feature titled Travel Around Yubei at Weekend on every Friday to recommend travel routes full of Yubei charm. With both gastronomic delights and gorgeous sights, these recommendations are perfect for traveling with either family or friends or workmates.

Shili Lotus Corridor

Shili Lotus Corridor

Situated in Huaying Mountain, the Shili Lotus Corridor boasts tall hills, exuberant forests, and refreshing air. Early morning is the best time to visit it when pink and white lotus flowers are stunningly drenched in beads of dew. For most Chongqing locals, lotus flowers that grow in ponds are quite common, but such an expanse of ornamental lotus flowers is quite rare. As long as about five kilometers, the corridor covers an area of up to 200 ha.

Lotus flowers that grow in ponds.

Self-driving route: Chongqing’s city proper—Airport Road—S210 National Highway—Mu’er Town—Xinglong Town—Cizhu Town—Shili Lotus Corridor

Wolongju Agricultural Eco-park

Wolongju Agricultural Eco-park

Tucked away in the depths of green mountains, Wolongju Agricultural Eco-park is featured by white walls, floral windows, winding paths, lush trees, mountain trickles, quiet courts, and more. Every and each element is a continuation of the traditional Chinese architectural culture of the reserve. Melodious, soothing music wafts across the air. At the moment, you would feel a sense of peace wells up in your heart of hearts in spite of yourself. On top of that, running a water culture is the main selling point of Wolongju fish ponds. With quality water from alpine trickles, fish here is very organic.

Address: Wolongju Agricultural Eco-park, Hualiu Village, Cizhu Town, Yubei District

Wuyinxia Blueberry Garden

Wuyinxia Blueberry Garden

Wuyinxia Blueberry Garden is located on a beautiful hill that rises 700-800 meters above the sea level in Cizhu Town, Yubei District. By virtue of a perfect altitude, blueberries here are grown most naturally. There are also stretches of well-trimmed lawns. With the cozy breeze and grass aroma, a feeling of wellbeing would flood over you the moment you step in it. Besides, the rose-lined path is a must-visit. You can bask in the afternoon sunshine, have some relaxing walk, take some photos, or enjoy a breathtaking sunset scene. Whatever you like, you would have a good time in this suburb.

You can pick blueberry here.

Address: Damianpo Village, Cizhu Town, Yubei District, Chongqing



On your way back, you will see a charming traditional village where you can enjoy an escape from urban bustle and hustle for rural life. That is Lichaowuji, an architectural group in No.9 Residential Community, Niuhuang Village, Xinglong Town. Every time you visit this twenty-two house complex hidden away in hills and trickles, you would be overwhelmed by a deep feeling of homesickness and nostalgia, as if you were transported back to the world of centuries ago. Moreover, a series of parent-child, nostalgia, education, and sightseeing experience activities are also offered here.

Address: No.9 Residential Community, Niuhuang Village, Xinglong Town, Yubei District


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