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The Brightest Comet Once in 6,800 Years Flies Across Yungui Mountain

By Jieyu Wang, Kailong Tan, Xiaotong Zhang,ICHONGQING|Jul 22,2020

“Once in six thousand years, F3 appeared in the northwest as predicted!” posted Li Hua, along with several amazing pictures of stars on social platforms on the early morning of July 20. “F3” refers to the comet numbered C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE). After mid-July, this long-tailed comet appeared in the low attitude in the northwest in the evening. As the observation conditions were getting better, the comet attracted many shutterbugs and enthusiasts.

Vast Universe

On July 19, Li Hua and his friends pointed their camera lens to the comet and captured it. Its coma and tail were clearly visible on display. The other bright stars set the beautiful cloud-like comet off against the blue horizon.

It was told that the orbital period of C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) is about 4,500 years. It will increase to 6,800 years after the comet passes over the perihelion. In other words, it will take another 6,800 years to see it again. It is brighter than the well-known Halley’s Comet.


Li Hua located Yungui Mountain in Dasheng, Yubei, more than 1,000 meters above sea level, to observe the comet, because it is not far from the main urban area, only one hour’s drive away. Moreover, the view is broad over the ridge of Yungui Mountain for looking to the northwest sky.

Li Hua’s photo of the starry sky

“I saw it. I saw it!” The crowd roared suddenly. Li Hua said he was about to give up. Then he heard that someone had photographed the comet before he immediately got excited and pointed his camera to the northwest. The comet showed up in his third photo.

Li Hua’s photo of the starry sky

“It is very clear, with the tail and coma. I was awed. The sky became more brilliant and charming thanks to its shining light.” He said, “The camera can capture details invisible to the naked eye, where lies the charm of shooting the starry sky. We chase the stars, look up at the dazzling galaxy, and admire the boundlessness and vastness of the universe, and we will more cherish the beautiful life for the present.”


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