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Chang'an Intelligent Self-driving Cars Lead to Well-off Life


Chang’an Automobile Intelligent Factory is said to be the factory of the future. Let’s go check this out!

The working scene of the robot inside the Chang’an Automobile Factory.

Located in Yuzui, Jiangbei district, Chongqing, the base was built in May 2015. The construction land of the base is 1104,000 square meters, and the total construction area 286,000 square meters. With a total investment of 3.88 billion yuan, the annual designed capacity of the base can reach 240,000 units, and the yearly limit capacity of 360,000. The base began trial production in March 2016 and was officially put into operation in March 2017. It is a world-class modern “made with wisdom” factory truly dedicated to the realization of Industry 4.0 and is also one of the first selected digital production workshops in Chongqing. It comprehensively promotes intelligent manufacturing in such five areas as smart factories, smart products, smart new models, creative management, and smart services.

The picture shows the scene of Changan Automobile successfully challenging the Guinness World Records for unmanned driving in 2018.

Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Engineer Tong Qiang said the process by which an automobile part is sent to a welding workshop by a transfer trolley after having completed stamping seems to be unimpeded, but there exist complicated hand-over procedures. In the past, in this process, workers need to fill out the forms by hand, but now, the process becomes digitized, and the work can be done automatically.

At present, Chang’an Automobile puts forward the intelligent strategy, which helps it transform from a traditional automobile manufacturer to an intelligent transportation technology company. Chang’an has mastered more than 200 intelligent technologies in the three fields, namely intelligent driving, intelligent network connection, and intelligent interaction, and let more than 100 intelligent products and services enter users’ lives. At the same time, Chang’an has realized more than 70 intelligent functions such as IACC, APA 5.0, intelligent voice, and multi-screen interaction on its mass-produced models.

“This is an intelligent era that where there is no Internet, there are no intelligent functions and cars. Chang’an is striding towards an intelligent era, and the auto industry will also usher in a new era,” said Chen Yu, a sales consultant at Chang’an Fengshang 4S shop.


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