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Chongqing Resumes Cross-Provincial Package Tours


Chongqing -Based on the prevention and control of the pandemic, Chongqing is resuming cross-provincial package tours these days and increasing the carrying capacity of scenic spots from 30% to 50%.

To promote the recovery of cross-provincial package tours, increase the work resumption of the tourism industry and stimulate tourism consumption, the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development organized and guided districts, counties, and tourism enterprises to hold a series of themed activities, speed up weekend tours and countryside tours of citizens, and restart the business of “A Million Citizens Traveling to the Southeast, and Northeast Chongqing”; introduced preferential policies, adjusted tourism reward policies, and encouraged tourism enterprises to offer the latest route products and carry out cross-provincial tourism activities.

Shibaozhai Scenic Spot

Shibaozhai Scenic Spot in Chongqing.

A series of theme activities on tourism recovery held by the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development

The Commission promoted the Travel Around Chongqing at Weekend activities, encouraged districts and counties to take the second cultural tourism promotion event as an opportunity, and publish the latest tourism products of the week based on the local features, such as rural ecological tours, ancient town leisure tours, red classic tours, country tours, folk custom tours, outdoor sports tours, healthy summer resort tours, and country home-stay tours, thus echoing well with the cultural tourism promotion event and achieving online and offline interaction. So far, there have been 41 routes available thanks to the activities, providing multiple choices for citizens, driving weekend consumption, and embracing a bounce back in tourist reception.

Longxing Ancient Town in Chongqing

Longxing Ancient Town in Chongqing.

Implement (online summer) activities of the fifth Chongqing Cultural Tourism Consumption Promotion Festival. Supported by Huiyou Chongqing (travel Chongqing with a low budget) online platform, they have made coordinated efforts for people’s subsidies so that more people could benefit from the maximized privilege and enjoy convenient weekend trips without spending much money.

Conduct tourism theme activities again and publish scenic spot promotional activities and nearly 100 top-quality sightseeing routes

In January of this year, the activity of “a million citizens traveling to the Southeast, and Northeast Chongqing” was launched in Chongqing. The operations have been suspended due to the outbreak, and many citizens didn’t have enough chances to see how enjoyable the theme activities and top-quality sightseeing routes are. These theme activities will get on the stage again with the recovery of the tourism industry. The districts and counties in northeast and southeast Chongqing have taken this chance and introduced a series of scenic spot promotional activities and the latest top-quality sightseeing routes. Also, the Three Gorges Cruise Routes are scheduled to officially resume operation in early August, with luxury cruise ships to follow successively. The Yangtze Gold 2 cruise ship is the first to return sailing on August 7 formally, Chongqing-Yichang every Friday, and Yichang-Chongqing every Monday. Century Cruise plans to continue sailing officially on August 12. Golden Night, Golden River Street and other products are also available on the Yangtze River Gold Cruises, where you can roam around the Water Creative Market, watch Two Rivers and Four Riversides as well as enjoying the panoramic urban mountain night scenes.

The cruise to the Three Gorges.


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