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Wonderful Places in Chongqing to Relieve Summer Heat


The weather in July is unpredictable, with either continuing rains or intense heat. It is time to put the summer vacation on the agenda. There are a few beautiful and serene places in Chongqing, which are greeting the most beautiful season of the year.

Fairy Mountain, Wulong


Fairy Mountain in Wulong District

Any native of Chongqing will think of Wulong when it comes to summer resorts. A place of mystery and charm, it is cool in summer and rich in scenic spots. Fairy Mountain is one of the most famous places to relieve summer heat in Chongqing and has now ushered in the most beautiful season.

Fairy Mountain, with an immense forest, is fresh and pleasant in summer. One may camp, barbecue, ride horses, and even ski and enjoy the gorgeous sunflowers there.

By car: about 3 hours

Huangshui Town, Shizhu

Huangshui International Forest Park in Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County

Huangshui International Forest Park in Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County

Shizhu is another popular place in this regard. It is close to the main urban area, with abundant ecological resources and unique ethnic customs.

Huangshui vegetable base

Huangshui vegetable base

Almost all people of Chongqing know Huangshui well. It is crowded every summer. It boasts Dafengbao Scenic Area with virgin forest, the Youcao River for drifting, and Moon Lake on the plateau. It provides the newest gameplay.

By car: about 3 hours

Heishangu (Black Mountain Valley), Wansheng


Heishangu or Black Mountain Valley

Wansheng sees plentiful tourism resources, such as the well-known Black Mountain Valley, Stone Forest, Ordovician Theme Park, Qingshan Lake, and Baihua Valley. It is well-equipped and suitable for summer outings. Black Mountain Valley is densely forested and inaccessible, with beautiful yet different scenery throughout the year. The most popular Ordovician Theme Park is located on its peak, where one may swing amidst the fragrance of flowers.

By car: about 2 hours

Simian Mountain, Jiangjin

Wangxiangtai Waterfall at Simian Mountain

Jiangjin is the most convenient place for relieving summer heat since the Jiangjin-Xishui Expressway was opened to traffic. There are also many ancient towns nearby. People of Chongqing should not be unfamiliar with Simian Mountain, the most famous scenic spot in Jiangjin. Departing from Jiulongpo toll station on G85, it only takes a 1.5 hours’ drive to Simian Mountain for the coolness. How great is that?

By car: about 2 hours

Jinfo Mountain, Nanchuan

Jinfo Mountain with rivers and cliffs

Jinfo Mountain with rivers and cliffs

Nanchuan possesses many famous landscapes such as Jinfo Mountain, Shenlong Gorge, and Shanwangping. In summer, it is breezy and tranquil with clear water in the Jinfo Mountain. The refreshing wind comes with a hint of grass fragrance and guarantees a refreshing vacation.

By car: about 1.5 hours


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