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The Most Desirable Summertime at These Chongqing Homestays


We all have a yard in mind. It comes either from memory or nostalgia. It is always a comfort to us despite the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Life in the beautiful homestays in the mountains of Tongliang turns out so nice and cozy.

Xijiao Yashe

The gate of Xijiao Yashe.

The decoration of Xijiao Yashe makes you feel like home.

It is the dreamland with faintly visible rockery, gurgling streams, and koi fish. All plants are rimmed with gold by the sunlight. It encourages imagination about home, it conveys the taste of home, and it warms the heart like home.

Address: Xijiao Yashe, Xuantian Lake, Xilai Village, Tongliang District

Yuanxiang Ouyu

The lotus flowers surround Yuanxiang Ouyu.

The yard surrounded by lotus flowers is a landscape itself. Even the air is filled with the sweet fragrance of lotuses. A trip here will be delightful. The breeze brings the chirps of birds and cicadas over the lotus field. Why not hang out with your family members or some friends, have a pot of lotus tea, and enjoy the tranquil life there?

Address: Yuanxiang Ouyu, Qinglin Village, Tuqiao Town, Tongliang District

Lianxiang Chasu

The courtyard is small yet shrouded in warmth.

Lotus flowers, waterwheels, mountains in the distance, and thatched huts constitute a serene land far from the noisy city. One may sit on a bamboo chair in the courtyard in the afternoon and listen to the sound of the waterwheels. Against the blue sky, white clouds, and verdant hills, water birds pass by. It is hoped that everyone will live their lives the way they like.

It lives up to all your expectations for rural life.

Address: Commune 20, Qinglin Village, Tuqiao Town, Tongliang District

Huangmen Xiaozhu

The appearance of Huangmen Xiaozhu.

It is fun to talk and appreciate art with counterparts from all over the world amidst the aroma of books. Outside lies Bayu Wenjin Street, where one may learn the regular script in small characters from calligraphers or Shu embroidery from masters, or have fun with the children. Let’s slow down and be calm.

It is more than a house, but a harbor for the soul.

Address: Wenjin Street, Qicai Mengyuan Town, Huangmen Village, Tongliang District


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