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The Project of National Safety Demonstration Cities Launched in Yubei


The project of creating national safety development demonstration cities had been officially launched therein. One network-based scheduling is expected to be achieved in Yubei for emergency management by the end of the year, with all-weather and full-process information management of underground pipelines, construction sites, high-rise buildings, and urban traffic throughout the district.

The firemen are dealing with an emergency situation.

This June, Yubei was included in the 2020 work plan of creating national safety development demonstration cities as the only district (county) in Chongqing. The Emergency Bureau of Yubei District will, in collaboration with departments in big data, public safety, transportation, housing construction, and urban management, break down inter-departmental barriers to information and establish a database for personnel, materials, and resources.

Yubei will regularly carry out urban safety risk identification and assessment, establish an urban safety-risk information management platform and develop a spatial distribution map for four-level safety risks indicated in red, orange, yellow, and blue, respectively. Also, bases and venues for safety culture and education that can characterize Chongqing will be built, 100% of primary and secondary schools in the district included for safety education, and emergency drills conducted.

“Technology makes cities safer,” said Tang Chuan, Secretary of the CPC Yubei District Committee. The safety of the city will be guaranteed with technology and promoted based on information. According to the plan, the building of a safety development demonstration city, compatible to build a well-off society, is expected to be accomplished in Yubei around 2020, and that of a safety development city corresponding to socialist modernization to be achieved around 2030, which will provide an engine behind the economic and social development of the district.


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