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Liangping to Bring Preferential Prices for Scenic Spots, Attracting Audiences A Lot


Chongqing- As a part of the 2020 Chongqing Showcase, the live stream of Liangping was launched on July 27, evening. During the live broadcast, the mayor there had promoted tourism and culture. Themed as Landscape and Pastoral of Beautiful Liangping, the mayor became a guide, bringing audiences charms of this city. At the same time, there were also preferential prices of amazing products to be ready for audiences. Besides, you can also find other Chongqing featured products at the Online Culture and Tourism House.

On July 27 evening, the mayor of Liangping had promoted tourism and culture there.

Meanwhile, in the live stream, there were three boutique tour routes – modern rural tour, mountain, and bamboo tour, and relaxing weekend and food tour.

The sea of bamboo

The original price of the ticket package of the bamboo sea was 100 yuan/set while its plunged price was 29.9 yuan/set, and there was a spike price of 6.6 yuan/set there, limited to 666 sets. Meanwhile, the original price of Sugu Farm’s ticket was 38 yuan/person, while its special price in the live stream was 9.9 yuan/person, limited to 999 tickets. In terms of camping base, the original price of the recreational vehicle courtyard was 888 yuan/night, while its surprising amount was 199 yuan/night, limited to 100 coupons.

The recreational vehicle courtyard

In addition to enjoying the beautiful sceneries, authentic delicacies, such as Gaoliang Mountain Organic Rice, Zhang Duck, Yuanyi Bean Curd, pomelos, and more, were also presented to audiences in the live broadcast.

Liangping Zhang Duck

For this time, the city presented a variety of products with great discounts, inviting people to travel here and experience charms of the beautiful place. Additionally, Liangping’s  Online Culture and Tourism House had also been launched at the same time. Audiences can also get those fantastic products online, except for the live broadcast platforms.

The pomelo

The bamboo curtain

Shuangui Hall (Shuanggui Tang)


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