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Riverside Ancient Towns for Beating the Summer Heat


For most people, ancient towns are associated with archaized architecture, folk performance, and local snacks. Well, as heatwave continues to scorch Chongqing, water fun is becoming a new draw for ancient town visitors who are desperate for an escape from the sizzling temperature. Today, we will bring you a list of the most famous ancient towns in Chongqing. With pretty scenery and water fun, these places are perfect for having a good day with your family.

Beibei District · Pianyan Ancient Town

Pianyan Ancient Town

Though not very big, refreshing, and understated, Pianyan Ancient Town is in a class of its own. So, there will be a lot of fun, especially in summer. You can play mahjong with feet in cool water, or search for gastronomic delights on the beach land, or take a small stool to the riverside for a foot soak as you did as a child. Better yet, around you grow a myriad of tall trees where you can enjoy water playing tricks or catch crabs while getting an eyeful of that dreamy and picturesque luxuriance.

Driving Route: Downtown Chongqing—Beibei District—Liuyin Town—Pianyan Ancient Town

Tongliang District · Anju Ancient Town

Anju Ancient Town

When you stroll along with the stone flight up, an old-style gate will come into view. Inside, traditional residential dwellings nestle snugly at the foot of verdant hills, antique streets, and lanes twist and turn into the depths, and stilt houses dot around in a class of their own. Every nook and cranny is steeped in nostalgia. Besides, Anju National Wetland Park is also located here. Graced by surrounding hills and trickles, this unspoiled land offers an escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

Driving Route: Downtown Chongqing—Inner Ring Expressway—Shuangbei Tunnel—Chengyu Ring Expressway—S106—Anju Ancient Town

Nanchuan District · Tianxing Small Town

Tianxing Small Town

Tianxing Small Town is situated at the foot of Jinfo Mountain. You can enjoy limpid trickle, catch crabs hiding under rocks, and, to crown it all, have your table and chair placed in the water. When you have your fill of water fun, you can take a cozy hot spring bath. Naturally occurring hot springs, characterful antique buildings, and beautiful mountain sights set the scene for a heady bath.

Dring Route: Downtown Chongqing—Baotou-Maoming Expressway—Western Lower Lane of Jinfo Mountain—Tianxing Small Town

Banan District · Fengsheng Ancient Town

Fengsheng Ancient Town

Hailed as one of Chongqing’s ten famous historical and cultural towns, Fengsheng Ancient Town boasts a dazzling array of Ming- and Qing-era buildings represented by seven well-preserved watchtowers. Although the town itself is not for water fun, nearby Xiangma River is. You can go camping or fishing, or soak up the real rustic atmosphere there.

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway South—Chayuan Lower Lane—Chabei Road—Fengsheng Ancient Town

Jiangjin District · Baisha Ancient Town

Baisha Ancient Town

Baisha Old Street is more fascinating than many other old-world scenic spots. There are labyrinthine blue flagstone lanes and characterful Banban streets with a vibrant interplay of light

and shadow. Strolling along with a flagstone flight up, you can see weathered steel beams, fragrant trees, and emerald brook. With blue skies and limpid water, Baisha Ancient Town is definitely a good place for water fun. Moreover, you can also play sand, fly a kite, have a picnic, or spend three yuan for a ferry trip.

Driving Route: Downtown Chongqing—Chongqing-Chengdu Expressway—Third-Ring Expressway—Chengyu Ring Expressway—Baisha Ancient Town

Rongchang District · Wanling Ancient Town

Wanling Ancient Town

At Wanling Ancient Town, there are antique Ming- and Qing-era streets and beautiful Laixi River where you can relive childhood water fun. As an ancient riverside town steeped in history and culture, Wanling has long enjoyed the reputation of “Immigrant Riverside Town.” With beautiful sceneries, gastronomic delights, and unique folk culture, it is a perfect place to have a good day!

Driving Route: Downtown Chongqing—Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway—Yongchuan District—Rongchang Lower Lane—Wanling Ancient Town

Qianjiang District · Zhuoshui Ancient Town

Zhuoshui Ancient Town

Fengyu Gallery Bridge, Asia’s longest of its kind, and picturesque Apeng River are Zhuoshui Ancient Town’s two biggest draws. When you look out from a height, Apeng River lies boundless in an ethereal mist, and distant mountains rise and fall into nowhere. At the moment, you would be seized by an urge to write a poem as ancient literati did. Moreover, you can also take a side trip from here to Xiaonanhai Scenic Spot and Puhua Underground River, where you can enjoy the natural beauty and gourmet food.

Driving Route: Downtown Chongqing—Baotou-Maoming Expressway—Wulong County—Qianjiang District—Zhuoshui Ancient Town

Xiushan County · Hong’an Ancient Town

Hong’an Ancient Town

Speaking of Hong’an, Shen Congwen’s masterpiece Border Town would come to mind at once. Hauntingly beautiful, this old-world place is brimming with history and mystery. If you are ready to experience the most local means of transport, cable ferry is no doubt a must-try. As the boat is towed to the opposite slowly, you even can scoop some water from the river to cool your face.

Driving Route: Downtown Chongqing—Baotou-Maoming Expressway—Wulong District—Qianjiang District—Xiushan County—Hong’an Ancient Town


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