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Chongqing's Airport Opens Male-only Channels, Efficiency Up by 10%


To improve the security check efficiency and better respect and protect passengers’ privacy, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport opened four male-only channels recently. Since then, the security check efficiency at the airport has been increased by 10% or so.

The male-only channel

According to airports’ security check regulations, female passengers can only be checked by female inspectors. When a large crowd of passengers lines up at regular channels, female inspectors may easily be overloaded. However, male inspectors could do nothing but wait aside when female passengers are checked, and male passengers have to wait longer for the security check or inspection in such cases.

Male-only channels can help to improve security check efficiency.

Usually, male passengers carry less with them, and both male and female security inspectors could check them. The opening of male-only channels could effectively coordinate post allocation during rush hours and shorten the waiting time of passengers, thus enhancing the efficiency of security check at the airport.

Male-only channels and female-only channels (the pink one)

Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Office of Chongqing Airport Security Checkpoint, Zhang Qiao, said, “Usually, female passengers have more items that need to be checked, such as cosmetics and eyebrow razors, than male passengers. With male-only channels, it could take male passengers less time for security check, so that the inspection efficiency could be improved.”

Passengers undergoing security checks

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport opened two male-only channels and two female-only ones respectively in the eastern and western zones of Terminal 3. In this way, the security check is getting smoother, with the efficiency increased by about 10%. Moreover, the airport will keep optimizing and upgrading these channels according to the actual condition of their operation, to better serve the passengers.


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