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Internet Celebrity to Host Online Promotion for Chongqing Consumer Brands

By James AlexanderICHONGQING|Aug 06,2020

Chongqing- In the interests of enhancing the promotion of Chongqing consumer brands, and creation of the industry symbols of Chongqing flavor, Chongqing crafts, and Chongqing style, a Live Broadcast Week called ‘Yujian Meipin’ (Meet Chongqing’s Top Products) for consumer goods brands will be held at Huaxi LIVE·Yudong in Banan District from August 7th – 13th.


The Chinese internet celebrity Hua Shao will host the Live Broadcast Week for Chongqing consumer brands from August 7th at Huaxi LIVE-Yudong.

The live broadcast is being held under the guidance of the Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department, directed by the Municipal Economic Information Commission and Banan District People’s Government, co-organized by the Municipal Party Committee Cyberspace Affairs Office and Municipal Commission of Commerce, and with the collaboration of Alibaba, Kuaishou Technology and other advantageous platforms.

This promotional event is themed on the motto ‘Yujian Meipin, Yuyue Shenghuo’ (Meet Chongqing’s top products and enjoy a great lifestyle). It is the first live broadcast event for consumer goods organized at a municipal level in Chongqing.

The consumer goods industry covers food, clothing, and commodities as part of an essential civilian sector. In 2019, the consumer goods industry achieved an output value of 321.3 billion yuan, accounting for 15% of regulated enterprise in the Chongqing Municipality. It has become a significant force behind steady economic growth and a source of benefit in people’s lives.

To minimize the impact caused by the epidemic, the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and Municipal Economic Information Commission has assisted companies in resolving challenges through innovation and new markets.

As a result, great importance has been attached to development and brand cultivation in the consumer goods industry. In April this year, the local government issued the Chongqing Municipality Action Plan for the Promotion of High-Quality Development in the Consumer Goods Industry (2020-2022), which set development goals for a list of consumer goods brands with national influence.


Live Broadcast Week host Hua Shao will promote top consumer brands in Chongqing and further the goals of high-quality development.

During the week of live broadcasts, there will be ten live promotional events featuring nearly 300 single products from over 100 brands, with exclusive shows for certain products, as well as district and county specialties.

The well-known Chongqing brands such as Jiang Xiaobai, Qiaotou Hot Pot Base, Feitian Scissors, Tianyou Dairy, Lengsuanling Toothpaste, Fuling Mustard, as well as poverty alleviation agricultural products Tan Meizi condiments, and Huojiguo Beverages will enter the live broadcast room and exhibit the characteristics of Chongqing flavor, Chongqing craft, and Chongqing style promote the coordinated development of online and offline consumption.

The famous online celebrity Hua Shao, known as ‘China’s Good Tongue,’ will act as host and promotional ambassador of Chongqing Consumer Goods Brand Live Broadcast Week from 7 pm on August 7th, Beijing time. Audience members can access the broadcast through the official Kuaishou application and searching the name Hua Shao.

The first live event will give away prizes worth nearly 200,000 yuan, including a SWIM Motors car, Shancheng brand watches, Haier tea bar machines, Guangben Wanqiang motorcycles, and Macio Furniture. There will also be quick-fire 1 yuan sales promotions.

To enhance the innovative design, intelligent manufacturing, and brand influence in the industry, as well as fully implement strategic cooperation between the municipal government and Alibaba Group, plaques will be unveiled for the Chongqing Consumer Goods Industrial Innovation Design Institute and the Chongqing Consumer Goods Live E-commerce Base.

Additionally, Ali Feixiang Industrial Internet Company will hold the signing ceremony for a cooperation agreement with consumer goods industrial enterprise C2M.

Whether near or afar, consumers are invited to enter the live broadcast room to experience the charm and glamour of Chongqing. Organizers look forward to showcasing the very best consumer products Chongqing has to offer.


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