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Chongqing International Biological City and Smart Tech Industry Drives the Future of Banan District


iChongqing Smart Roadshow - The Chongqing International Biological City is a key biopharmaceutical industry cluster and the primary carrier for development in the industry.


The Chongqing International Biological City is an industrial cluster for biopharmaceutical companies.

The overall planning area is about 35 square kilometers, with a focus on the development of biopharmaceuticals, chemical preparations, modern Chinese medicine, and medical equipment.

At present, there have been over 70 biomedical projects introduced, with total investment exceeding 80 billion yuan. Products centered on prevention and healing have filled a gap in the market to accelerate the formation of a 100 billion yuan level biomedical industry cluster.

The park is accelerating the construction of the 1+3+N industrial system with biological medicine at the core. Chemical medicine, modern Chinese medicine, and medical equipment are specialty products, while R&D, pilot tests, and transformation platforms are complete.


Inside the front entrance to Chongqing International Biological City.

Chongqing International Biological City accounts for 10 of the 16 innovative drugs in clinical trials in the city. The products are expected to fill a domestic void once they have accelerated through the process of mass production. Essential products include the HPV vaccine, paclitaxel oral agent, long-acting insulin, recombinant human anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody injections, and AMH rapid detection kits.

In the next step, Chongqing International Biological City will continue to expand in scale to achieve a leading 100 billion yuan scale industry cluster, as well as the cultivation of pillar industries in biomedicine, and the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrades under the framework of high-quality economic development.


This map displays the physical location of Chongqing International Biological City within the Banan District.

Macio Casa achieves technology upgrades through VR, big data, and smart production.

At the Smart China Expo this year, furniture manufacturer Macio Casa will showcase a smart interior design system that brings a whole new experience in advanced home decor.

The VR virtual exhibition hall of Macio Casa Furnishings allows citizens to experience full home design through super VR with interactive images and dynamic roaming that have received lavish praise.

Manager Li Yong explained, ‘To provide customers with personalized design schemes through smart tech is only the initial link of an integrated process. Once a design scheme has been approved, it is transmitted to our central data processing center for intelligent production.’

The system can also optimize the production of certain orders by combining them into the same batch for processing, sorting, and storage.

Intelligent machine tools cut the furniture on demand, which saves on raw materials whilst significantly improving efficiency in production. This has proven key in the goal to achieve personalized designs for hundreds of thousands of customers every year.

Such whole home design resolves the former impracticalities between custom made furnishings and large-scale production, as it permits each item of furniture to be sold before production, so that product inventory is reduced to zero.


While Macio Casa has embraced the latest smart technology while preserving its traditional historical roots.

Macio Casa has stepped up the construction of its digital marketing system and has improved on big data management capabilities, which will allow the manufacturer to effectively keep up with shifts in consumer demand and market trends.

The system not only offers an enhanced consumer experience but enables dealers to improve management efficiency. It is estimated that valid data from over 100,000 customers can be collected every year.

Baiya Corporation integrates smart tech into infant products and manufacturing.

Among the eye-catching products of Baiya are smart nappies that use embedded computer chips linked with internet technology to analyze infant usage information through an application platform.

Company representative Peng Hailin explained. ’This product is currently under development but is already in its second generation. It was in 2016 that we produced the first generation of smart nappies. At that time, there was only an alarm function, where a notification is sent to parents on their mobile phones when the infant urinates.


Chongqing Baiya Corporation has achieved technological innovation and upgrades in infant products and the manufacturing process.

The second-generation being developed not only has an alarm function but also analyzes the urine habits through 12 sensors. The data collected includes a quantitive analysis of nitrite, urobilinogen, pH, and protein content. This way, parents can determine whether the infant’s diet is appropriate.’

On the production lines of Chongqing Baiya, they have also achieved intelligent automation under the process of transformation and upgrades in the enterprise.

The company now has over 20 production lines using automation, reaching 80% coverage. This transformation has saved more than 1 million yuan in labor costs whilst also improving efficiency and product quality.

iChongqing Smart Roadshow.


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