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Ciqikou Ancient Town Scenic Area Resumes Tourist Reception


On August 27, the Ciqikou Ancient Town Management Committee in Shapingba District announced that effective that day, Ciqikou Ancient Town Scenic Area, where 85% of the shops had resumed operation, would resume tourist reception. Ciqikou Ancient Town received over 7,500 tourists as of 6: 00 in the afternoon on August 27, the day when tourist reception was resumed.

On August 27, Ciqikou Ancient Town Scenic Area resumed tourist reception.

Ciqikou Ancient Town Scenic Area took a big hit from the No. 2 flood on the Jialing River in 2020. A nighttime post-disaster reconstruction effort restored the tourism facilities in the scenic area of the ancient town. After making sure all safety hazards had been eliminated, Ciqikou Scenic Area reopened on August 27.

The Ciqikou Scenic Spot resumed the prosperity of the old times.

Shops in Huangjueping No. 1 Lane and Cizheng Street that were still closed a week ago are now up and running. The impromptu performances in sections of the ancient town where fried dough twists are put on sale and at the Center for the Singing of Sichuan Opera attracted many tourists. The old, green slate streets echo with vendors’ cries, the smell of snacks, and the laughter of tourists, giving back the vitality the ancient town used to have.

Statistics show that about 85% of the shops in the ancient town have resumed operation.

Yang Xuewu is the owner of a fried dough store. “The ancient town businesses group in WeChat said last night that the scenic area would resume tourist reception today. We are pleased with this great news,” Yang Xuewu told the reporter cheerfully while helping his customers pack bags. Flood water in his store was only 30-40 centimeters high, and cleaning and disinfection took only 3-4 days, yet he didn’t start a business until the management committee gave the green light. “The government is coordinating efforts in post-disaster reconstruction so that tourists can come worry-free.”

To ensure the safety of tourists, sections of the ancient town where post-disaster reconstruction is still a big challenge will remain closed to tourists until further notice. These include the Longyin Wharf-Qingshuimen Square section, Huajia Village section, and Caijiawan washroom.

Cleaning is underway in public washrooms and sewage pipe networks, restoration of stone pavements is going on. Those whose houses have been damaged are getting help in eliminating safety hazards in these temporarily-closed areas, according to a chief of the ancient town management committee. Here is his tip to visitors: for your safety, please keep clear of the areas mentioned above.


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