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Feel Rich Entertainment amidst the Idyllic Wanzhou Passageway of Civilization


Chongqing- Wanzhou is named after the confluence of a great many rivers and offers picturesque scenery of mountains and rivers with a variable climate. Since ancient times, literati have flocked here to eulogize this region in song and poetry.


The Xishan Bell Tower of Wanzhou.

Profound cultural heritage, vivid stories, poetic scenery, delicious food, and trendy vibes help encapsulate the deep charm held amidst the living room of the Three Gorges, where convenient transportation and a beautiful environment have made Wanzhou a new starting point for Yangtze river tours.

Wanzhou is an economic center and an important tourist destination in the Three Gorges Reservoir. It is practicing the concept of green development by putting ecology first, while at the same time grasping the historical opportunity to construct the Twin City Economic Circle.


Wanzhou Falls.

Wanzhou was once a famous river and mountain city but is now a three-dimensional city surrounded by emerald waters and a green backdrop that bestow great aesthetic beauty.

Pinghu Lake has risen amid Gaoxia Gorge in Wanzhou. The water level of 175 meters has gifted this city a new lease of life and is home to the largest migrant population in the Three Gorges reservoir area.


This city weighs heavily in famous architecture. The Wanzhou Xishan Bell Tower enjoys great fame on a par with the Shanghai Customs Bell Tower and Wuhan Jianghanguan Bell Tower. Xishan has witnessed the magnificent history of development and opening in Wanzhou over the past century.

The Three Gorges Immigrants Memorial Hall (Wanzhou Museum) tells the past and present of a city engraved with the epic stories of immigrants from the region. The epics of heroism contained within have won it the distinction of being the first pilot unit of the Chinese National Red Gene Bank.


Sichuanese opera performance in Wanzhou.

Wanzhou Waterfall is 151 meters wide, 64.5 meters high, and covers an area of ​​9739.5 square meters. It is the largest single-hang waterfall in Asia, and is known as the ‘First waterfall in Asia.’

Amongst the green mountain scenery, the fresh countryside is home to tranquil villages. Tai’an Phoenix Mountain, Xintian West Cave, and the Henghe Mountain Tourism Resort are distinct in appearance through spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Blessed with rich customs and poetic scenery, Wanzhou eagerly anticipates a future encounter with you.


Take a night cruise upon the waters of Ping Lake.

Wanzhou has been an excellent passageway for civilization in the Three Gorges and is the cultural focal ground of its former inhabitants.

At the end of the 1980s, a colossal bronze instrument dating from the Ba State era saw the light of day again after more than 2000 years buried underground in Wanzhou. This outstanding artifact of Ba culture features a carved tiger that reflects the undaunted spirit and auspicious wishes of the Ba people.


The shores of Ping Lake set the city of Wanzhou.

The literati of dynasties past once traveled Xiajiang River to Wanzhou, leaving behind a wealth of poetry in eulogy to the natural beauty and family affections. Masterpieces include the Bishan Inscription of Huang Tingjian. His calligraphy was praised by Zeng Guofan as a great surviving historical work, and first of its kind in China. The inscription is still preserved in the Xishan Pavillion of Gaosuntang.

Through millennia of Chinese culture, the genes of cultural art have deep roots in these lands, and so the famous modern Chinese poet He Qifang was born here.


Plum blossoms flower along the riversides in Wanzhou.

Today, Wanzhou District has the most professional art academies in Chongqing Municipality. The Three Gorges Song and Dance Troupe, Sichuanese Opera Troupe, Folk Art Troupe, and Acrobatics Troupe form a quartet that has choreographed and performed major stage artworks such as Immigrant Jin Dahua, Three Gorges Family, Snow Fire, and the modern Sichuanese Opera shows called Ming Feng and Frost Dew. These stage performances have won many national awards in succession.

Tan Jiqiong and He Jufang successively won the Plum Blossom Award for Chinese Theatre and the Peony Award for Chinese Folk Art. Famous works such as ‘Flowers bloom in tandem’ are part of the Wanzhou phenomenon of Chinese drama.


The Three Gorges Immigration Memorial Museum.

To gain further recognition, it is hoped the Hometown of Chinese Folk Art complex will be opened in the next two years. In addition, the Three Gorges International Tourism Festival, the World River Song Festival, and the Wanzhou Spring Festival Gala are also well-known branded cultural tourism festivals in Wanzhou.

There are countless reasons to fall in love with Wanzhou. In addition to the pristine ecology of clear waters and green mountains, a climate with four distinct seasons, and a rich blend of culture, there is also a wealth of unique specialty products.


Henghe Shitong Rock.

Wanzhou noodles, Gege, and grilled fish are quintessential examples of specialty cuisine. In the early morning, a bowl of Wanzhou mixed sauce noodles starts the day with a refreshing blend of flavors. In the afternoon, you can taste the deliciously spicy cooked grids of mutton. At night, there are dozens of flavors of Wanzhou grilled fish, each with a deep irresistible aftertaste.

Kitchen figurines from the Eastern Han Dynasty collected by the Wanzhou Museum mean the origins of Wanzhou grilled fish culture were traced back to the Han Dynasty about 1,800 years ago. Recently in 2018, Wanzhou was awarded the title of the Hometown of Grilled Fish in China.


Xiyou Cave

Three special agricultural products from Wanzhou are citrus fruit, the Tiancong tea brand, and Fendai crisp plums. The red tangerines of the Three Gorges were eulogized in the work Ode to Oranges by Qu Yuan, and bitter red oranges have recently been cultivated in space.

Chinese poet Yang Jifu once eulogized Wanzhou limes in poetry, and the Wanzhou rose orange is regarded as a symbol of tender love.


The terraced fields of Tai’an Qianceng.

The work entitled ‘Tea Classics’ by Lu You begins with a description of the fine tea produced in Bashanxiachuan. Tiancong tea is produced on the mountain slopes amid the cloudlines, and the taste is sweet, refreshing, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Fendai crisp plums have a thin layer of white powder on the skin, just like makeup on a beautiful lady’s face. The flesh is crispy and melts in the mouth, giving it a unique flavor.


Wanzhou noodles.

Three culturally innovative masterpieces include the wooden combs by the Carpenter Tan brand and Three Gorges embroidery and stone. Wanzhou is the origin of Carpenter Tan, and the brand is well-known both home and abroad. Recently, a fashionable series of combs featuring creative designs have been sought after by young consumers.

When folk stitch embroidery techniques met contemporary art, the phenomenon of Three Gorges Embroidery came into being.

Three Gorges Stone, made either naturally or creatively shaped, is a gift of the Yangtze River, and the crystallization of artistic inspiration.


Wanzhou grilled fish.

Three unique gifts from Wanzhou include Shixian Taibai rice wine, Yuquan Mustard, and Wanzhou Beef Jerky.

The famous poetic brand of Chinese wine, Shixian Taibai, comes from Wanzhou, and its brewing technology has been listed as a project of intangible cultural heritage in Chongqing Municipality.


The Wanzhou gege mutton delicacy.

A must-have of Chinese tables are the Yuquan mustard produced in Wanzhou, renowned for its fresh, tender, and crisp taste.

Wanzhou beef jerky, produced from cattle in ecologically friendly mountain areas of the Three Gorges Reservoir area, has been refined using traditional recipes and modern techniques. It is an old brand suitable for all ages.


The red oranges of Wanzhou.

Once you have indulged in the specialties of Wanzhou, you can visit the Nanpu Small Theater to watch some fine performances. These feature characteristics of the Three Gorges region, such as the bamboo zither, clappers, and the unmistakable voice of Sichuanese opera.

The golden waterway of the Yangtze River passes through Wanzhou, where there is a complete modern infrastructure network of airports, railways, expressways, bullet trains, and deep-water ports. Transportation links extending in every direction mean that Wanzhou has earnt its status as the Three Gorges tourism distribution center.


The famous Wanzhou tea brand of Tiancong.

Once in Wanzhou, you can enjoy the pleasures of slow life. You can take a tourist bus 20 kilometers around the lake. As you stroll the old alleys and hiking trails, you can experience the mountains and city vibes.

Boat crossings are en ever a better way to enjoy the scenery of Ping Lake. In the daytime, there is a country tour route from Wanzhou Port to Dazhou, where you can visit locations of your choice in sections spread over a few days, and can move on whenever you feel like it.


Wanzhou limes.

Make a pot of tea and watch the scenery of Ping Lake slowly unfold as part of an unforgettable journey.

At night, the city lights reflect upon the lake surface, a time when you can take a night cruise to enjoy the bright lights and gentle waves.


Wanzhou crisp plums.

After witnessing the great beauty of Wanzhou, you can take a cruise ship or water bus and go deeper into the Three Gorges, or drive along the expressway at leisure and check into your favorite Three Gorges scenic spots.


Three Gorges embroidery.


Three Gorges stone.


Shixian Taibai rice wine originates from Wanzhou.


Wanzhou beef jerky.


A comb from the brand of Carpenter Tan from Wanzhou.


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