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Efficiency Increased by 30%: Humi Network Builds a "Cloud Factory"


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Chongqing has implemented an action plan for innovation-driven development led by big data intelligence, providing an opportunity for Taicang Technology to overcome the above difficulties. As an important industrial base in China, Chongqing boasts all the 31 manufacturing categories in China. It is urgent to realize lean production through “migration to the cloud and platforms,” thus giving birth to a group of industrial internet service enterprises. As a subsidiary of Zongshen Industrial Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Humi Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the representative of Chongqing’s enterprises in this field.

At an exhibition last year, Taicang Technology came into contact with Humi Network by accident. After several in-depth exchanges, the two sides signed an agreement. All production equipment of Taicang Technology was then connected to the CMM Industrial Internet Platform, thus building a “cloud factory.”

Situated at Jianqiao Industrial Park in Dadukou District, Taicang Technology specializes in the production of engine cylinder blocks of automobiles and motorcycles as well as wheel hubs of all-terrain vehicles. With a history of over 20 years, it ranks first in the production capacity scale in China. However, equipment aging, unreasonable technological process, and other common problems in the old manufacturing industry have become more and more serious in recent years.

Chongqing Taicang Technology made a surprising discovery during a recent analysis of its productive efficiency over the past year. The production cycle reduced by 35%, production management efficiency increased by 30%, and product quality improved by 30%.

In the “cloud factory,” the equipment operation and real-time production status are shown in the form of data on the big screens in the workshop and the backstage command center. In case of any abnormality in the operating temperature, pressure, and other indicators of the equipment, the system will immediately sound the alarm to inform the staff of inspection and repair, to avoid defective products manufactured by faulty equipment and irreparable losses resulting from them.

Besides, the transparent production process in the “cloud factory” is conducive to the management of the production progress and product quality, as well as the optimization of the production process and even the management of the entire supply chain. After several rounds of production management adjustments based on production big data, the efficiency of Taicang Technology has been dramatically improved.


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