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Intelligent Tech Makes Chongqing A Better Place to Live


For the past few years, Chongqing has been strengthening Big Data Intelligence innovation, actively developing an online business, online services, and online management, and further integrating the digital economy with the real economy, in a bid to build a well-known smart city. As more and more intelligent achievements have been widely applied, people’s quality of life has also been improved.

Smart community makes life more comfortable

Yu Yao, a resident of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, came back from shopping, carrying two bags of things toward the gate of the community. Yu walked straight to the entrance and entered the community without using an entrance guard card, which cost him three seconds only. It is Chongqing’s first three-star smart community, with dozens of advanced technologies applied, of which residents are rather proud.

The application of intelligent technologies can be seen everywhere in the community. The intelligent irrigation system could automatically water the plants by monitoring temperature and soil moisture. Besides, smart trash cans could automatically detect the quantity of refuse. Once a can is filled, it will automatically notify the backstage staff of clearing.

“Plans are underway to build smart communities in the whole area in a bid to improve the quality of residents’ life comprehensively,” introduced the person in charge of Liangjiang New Area.

Smart business circles offer more convenient services

Chen Jiangyu, a citizen from Jiangbei District, was driving to Yuzhong District. After checking the traffic conditions, he made a reservation through his mobile phone for a parking spot in the underground parking lot of Jiefangbei CBD.

As more and more garages have hooked up to the smart parking system, drivers could easily find a parking spot at Jiefangbei CBD.

“I unlocked the parking spot through the mobile application when arriving. It’s easy,” said Chen. If car owners forget the locations of their parking spots, they could enter their license plate number in the application, and then the mobile phone will show the exact location of the car and offer a navigation route. “As more and more garages have hooked up to the smart parking system, drivers could easily find a parking spot at Jiefangbei CBD,” Chen added.

Proliferating shopping malls at Jiefangbei CBD begin to offer online shopping services, and online order and delivery are in vogue. Intelligent scenarios such as the panoramic insight platform, the investment attraction map platform, large screens in smart business circles, and WeChat mini-programs are applied more widely. Jiefangbei 5G Experience Hall and VR experience of the Yangtze River Cableway has become new popular projects for tourists.

Smart city management system enhances efficiency

In the Smart City Operation and Management Center of Chongqing’s Jiangbei District, a large screen displays real-time data. It monitors the operation state of the whole district’s urban management system.

Smart City Operation and Management Center of Chongqing’s Dazu District.

Suddenly, the system sounded an alarm, and a red dot flashed on the screen. According to the video capturing system, a section of road in Jiangbeicheng Subdistrict was flooded, which affected the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. The person on duty responded quickly, reviewed the information, and notified relevant departments of handling. It only took 17 minutes to find the problem of solving it.

“The smart city management system could supervise and manage urban facilities, environmental sanitation and other aspects in all urban areas in an all-weather manner,” introduced Zeng Qinghua, Director of the operation and management center. This system is connected to 25,000 video monitoring points, covering all key road sections in the district.


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