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Intelligent Industry Develops Rapidly in Chongqing


Chongqing has seen the rapid development of the intelligent industry in recent years. In the process of building a smart city, residents in Chongqing could enjoy more intelligent and convenient services in medical care, travel, and education.

Citizens experience smart tourism of 3D immersive viewing based on a 5G network at Lijia Intelligent Park on September 30, 2019.

What if a patient needs first aid?

What if someone is injured and needs immediate treatment while the ambulance is still on the way? Chongqing’s application “Jishijiu (Fast Video Aid)” that applies the smart medical care technology, has become a new countermeasure for dealing with emergencies.

The application was jointly developed by Chongqing Emergency Medical Center and Fast Video Aid. With this application, the injured could make a video call with a doctor by dialing 120, and the phone will be connected within one minute. In this way, the doctor could observe the scene in real-time and told other people on the scene how to help the injured.

In Chongqing, 25 pilot smart hospitals are also continually providing more timely and comfortable medical services for patients.

Traffic big data help bus companies make better decisions

In recent years, many citizens could feel that the design of bus routes is becoming more and more reasonable, but perhaps few of them know that it should owe to traffic big data.

“The combination of traffic big data and the mobile phone signal could help calculate the movements of residents in a particular area and the places they travel most frequently,” introduced Gao Zhigang, Vice President of Chongqing Transport Planning Institute. Traffic big data could reflect the real travel demands of residents, which could help accurately map out the bus routes that best fit the characteristics of a particular area.

“The commonly used large buses and small new energy vehicles are suitable for different lines. The traffic big data platform could provide a reference for bus companies by calculating the number of residents, travel frequency and periods, and road conditions along the route,” said Gao.

Smart education helps parents with kid disciplining

For many parents, disciplining their kids is a headache because children are often less obedient at home than at school. Smart education, however, has helped to solve this problem.

This March, Chongqing Renmin Primary School launched the mini-program “Laodong Mengzhu (Diligent Kids).” This program integrates the resources of schools, families, and society, allowing students to complete labor tasks at home. Parents could upload pictures, videos, and feelings of their children working at home to this program. Students of different grades will receive different tasks.

In addition, some other systems will be put into use soon, including the collaborative innovation center experience hall, the Internet of Things classroom, the intelligent blackboard, as well as the intelligent test paper inspection system, the facial recognition system, and the teacher business file system.


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