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Wanzhou Presents Its New Glamour on 2020 Chongqing Showcase


On the night of August 27th, Wanzhou District for the large-scale culture and tourism promotion activity“2020 Chongqing Showcase” was live-streamed. Nie Hongyan, the mayor of Wanzhou District, brought beautiful landscapes, local delicacies, and creative culture products to audiences.

Wanzhou boasting abundant tourism resource as well as local delicacies

the Wanzhou Great Fall

Wanzhou Gege

During the live-streaming, natural scenery and cultural sites of Wanzhou such as the Wanzhou Great Fall, Lake City Tourism Area of the Three Gorges, Chongqing Three Gorges Migration Memorial, Taibaiyan Mountain, Xishan Stone Tablet, Liubei Pond as well as the city image were unrolled to audiences. Local delicacies like Wanzhou Roast Fish, Wanzhou Gege (food cooked with steamers made of bamboo), Wanzhou Zajiang Noodles(noodles with meat sauce) were also introduced to meet foodies’ needs.

Flash Sale drawing lots of attention

the Three Gorges Embroidery

Wanzhou Zajiang Noodles

Varieties of commodities with discounts including scenic spot tickets, tour packages, local delicacies, and exquisite handicrafts were sold on-air, which drew lots of attentions. Some of them were even set for “flash sale”. For instance prices of Wanzhou Roast Fish, Wanzhou Gege, Wanzhou Zajiang Noodles in the live-streaming were not only cheaper than original prices, but some of them were set for “flash sale” too. What’s more, the Three Gorges Embroidery, the Three Gorges Stone, Combs of Tan Mujiang, tickets of the Wanzhou Great Fall, cruiser tickets, and so forth were also on sale.

Encountering picturesque Wanzhou

the aerial view of Wanzhou

Located in the Northeast of Chongqing and the central area of the Three Gorges region, Wanzhou enjoys a long history and profound culture. With the Yangtze River flowing through the city as calm as a lake and surrounded by mountains, Wanzhou owns picturesque views.

Taibaiyan Mountain

An 8-minute video on Wanzhou District for “2020 Chongqing Showcase” was also broadcast via TV. In the video, the glamour of Wanzhou was taken on through its mountains and rivers, culture and history, art, and the construction of the city. This naturally interactive video with aesthetics did not only bring a brand-new feeling to audiences but also introduced a new way to know Wanzhou.

Touring Wanzhou on-line bringing you an immersive experience

Chongqing Three Gorges Migration Memorial

the aerial view of Wanzhou

Online Culture and Tourism House of Wanzhou themed as “Savoring the Charm of Wanzhou” was also put online. There were four sections in the cloud hall, which presented the whole image of culture and tourism of Wanzhou, the landscape and commodities, tour routes, and its profound culture and the development of art and sports respectively.  Apart from traditional presenting methods like words, pictures, and videos, VR technology was also applied in the cloud hall where you could have an immersive experience when you explored the Wanzhou Great Fall, Lake City Tourism Area of the Three Gorges, Chongqing Three Gorges Migration Memorial.


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