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Intelligent Cockpit Will Realize Human-Car Emotional Interaction


Are cars an emotionless travel tool? The answer is no, not always. Intelligent cockpits will enable human-car emotional interaction, and vehicles aim to understand drivers’ feelings. This is the view put forward by experts attending the Artificial Intelligence Visual Technologies Symposium held at Chongqing Xiantao International Big Data Valley on August 28, when they predicted the future of smart cars.

“With the development of technologies such as AI visual, voice, and biological recognition, cars can not only talk but also connect with us emotionally. In a word, your cars will understand you better,” said Zhao Rui, Product Director of ThunderSoft Smart Vehicle Sector.

With the development of AI visual, voice, and biological recognition, cars can not only talk but also connect with us emotionally.

For example, AI can judge whether drivers are going to turn into road ragers based on heart rate, body temperature, and expressions through multi-modal interaction. If the answer is yes, it will talk, play music, and adjust the interior lights to comfort them and brake the car.

Future cars can also sense the fatigue of drivers. Guo Gang, Dean of the School of Automotive Engineering, Chongqing University, noted that intelligent cockpits would correctly recognize details from people’s faces, including expressions, subtle expressions, and mental states, to know drivers’ emotion, mental states, and degree of concentration. Through emotional interaction, they can warn drivers of fatigue driving and improve their concentration.


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