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Golden Buddha Mountain Blesses Nanchuan with Scenery and Prosperity


Chongqing- Nanchuan is located in southern Chongqing at the intersection between the Guizhou and Hunan Economic Belts. It has superior geographical conditions, delicate ecology, and abundant tourism resources. It is popularly known as the back garden of the Chongqing Urban Area.


The peaks of Jinfo’ Golden Buddha’ Mountain.

Harmony between humanity and nature exudes within this district where the air is rich in oxygen, the soils abound in selenium, and waters are plentiful in strontium. It is a real paradise with picturesque scenery of mountains and rivers home to authentic delicacies and poetic life.

Guests from all over the world are most welcome in Nanchuan District to enjoy the sightseeing, health, and well-being in this peaceful location for life and work.


The precipice walkway of Jinfo Mountain.

Near the mysterious latitude of 30 degrees north hundreds of millions of years ago, the encounter between the Dalou Mountains and the Sichuan Basin created the karst scenery of the Jinfo Table Mountain Range, along with its chain of majestic peaks.

In the evenings of summer and Autumn, the sun rays glisten upon the misty cliffs in a magnificent palate of color, akin to a giant golden Buddha lying between heaven and earth. Such marvels have long attracted the eulogies of famous poets and inspired the name of Jinfo Shan, which means Golden Buddha Mountain.


The herb raised sheep soup of Nanchuan is good for health.

Jinfo Mountain has nurtured more than 8,000 animal and plant species over the past thousands of years and is so known as a biological gene bank and a rich source of Chinese medicinal herbs.

Further epithets include the Oriental Alps and Snow Plateau because of the ice and snow that rarely fall this far south.


Admire flowers in the Nanchuan springtime.

The romance of Golden Buddha (Jinfo) Mountain abounds through dramatic precipices lining the plank walkways, and the mystery beheld within ancient cave temples, magnificent sunrises breaking through seas of cloud, the majestic appearance of golden cliffs at dawn, and the resplendent spring flowers and autumn leaves.

Jinfo Mountain not only possesses amazing scenery but is also a talismanic symbol that has blessed the sons and daughters of Nanchuan over the generations. It is also a great treasure chest for products and income.


Escape the summer heat in Nanchuan.

While possessing outward beauty through scenery, there is a richness held within. A review conducted by authoritative organizations and experts found that over half the lands of Nanchuan District are rich in selenium, ranking first among the districts and counties to have been prospected in Chongqing.

Water quality in Nanchuan is high and rich in strontium, with samples meeting the benchmark of strontium-rich mineral water, and is so known as natural longevity water.


Admire the scene of autumn leaves in Nanchuan.

Jinfo Mountain has implemented all-season tourism promotions that entice visitors throughout the year in all weather. They come to admire the flowers in spring, escape the heat of summer, witness the scene of autumn leaves, and play in the snow during winter.

The tastes of Nanchuan are deliciously enticing.


The rice from Nanchuan is rich in selenium.

Whole bamboo shoot feasts, Nanchuan roast chicken, herb raised sheep soup, secret recipe mushroom soup, Daguan stewed egg, and many other specialties are here to tantalize the taste buds.

There are highly desirable residential environments suitable for long-term stays like Health Valley, Kangyang Tourist Resort, and Lixiang Lake. There are also gorgeous surroundings and uniquely styled guesthouses where tourists can enjoy the luxuriant mountain setting.


Square bamboo shoots go well with hotpot.

Excitement abounds in Nanchuan. Intrepid visitors may partake in rock climbing on the slopes of Jinfo Mountain, river trekking, waterfall abseiling, forest cross country, water sports, rafting, or paragliding to satiate their passion for adventure.

When the time comes for winding down, there are sleepy towns, plant gardens, and hot springs for tourists to relax and enjoy therapeutic recreations.


Enjoy the fragrant teas of the Nanchuan District.

Nanchuan is culturally innovative and offers a warm ambiance of courtesy. While the scenery must remain behind, visitors can take with them unique gifts and fond memories. Nanchuan has developed exquisite gifts known as the Golden Mountain Five series made up of Jinfo creative products, ancient red Jinshan tea, square bamboo shoots, Chinese herbal essence skincare masks, and rice plenty in selenium.

The innovative products of Nanchuan culture have entered thousands of households from all corners of China. Jinfo’ Golden Buddha’ Mountain


Silk handkerchiefs are among the top products in Nanchuan.

Jinfo Mountain has nine laurels, including the titles of World Natural Heritage, National 5A Scenic Area, National Forest Park, National Nature Reserve, China’s Most Influential Tourist Attraction, and National Civilized Tourist Attraction.

Admire the flowers in spring, escape the heat of summer, witness the autumn leaves, and enjoy the snows of winter. Jinfo Mountain is truly a great destination through all four seasons.


Ginko ties.

Attractions of Nanchuan District

Shenlong Gorge combines the unique karst landscape with mountains, rivers, forests, cliffs, caves, and waterfalls. There are many waterfalls and running springs, including Mozidong, Feilong, and Shenlongdong falls.


Rafting in Shenlong Gorge.

Feilong Waterfall is the largest and most spectacular in Shenlong Gorge, dropping 60 meters straight down from the mountaintop, and resembles a flying dragon soaring through the clouds as the waters scatter.

Climbing the steps leading up to Feilong Pavilion, you can behold the magnificent scenery of the waterfall, while down below in the valley, the scattering water diffuses into mist reminiscent from a poetic scene.


Beautiful East Street.

Shanwangping National Karst Forest Park is the ecological park of its kind in China and is among the first batch of forest oxygen bars. It covers an area of over 11,000 mu and has a forest coverage rate of 93.5%.

In Autumn, multi-seasonal landscapes appear at the same time, when the deciduous golden metasequoia and evergreen cedar forests set off against each other, presenting a bi-color forest scene of half spring, half Autumn.


Spring and Autumn appear at the same time at Shanwang Forest Park.

Here, you can also see the ecological stone forest where trees coexist intertwined amongst the large rocks, forming a natural wonder of stone-tree symbiosis. Beautiful East Street

East Street is a newly added scene to Nanchuan due to open in November this year. The streetscape is unlike an ancient town, as the layout reflects the integration of antiquity and fashion, while the pavilion offers a combination of prosperity and tranquility. Among the specialties are delicious food, aromatic tea, fine wines, and good coffee.


The Golden Hairpin Flower Park.

Golden Hairpin Flower Park is located inside the Nanchuan District Ecological Agriculture Gardens. The attraction extends over a radius of 280 square kilometers, with a forest coverage rate of 51%. Examples include the Pink Fairy Sakura Garden and Fragrant Blueberry Garden, where the natural pastures resemble an oil painting of mountains and water landscapes full of nostalgia.


Jinfo monkey umbrellas are a culturally innovative product of Nanchuan.


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A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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