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Chaotianmen-Guangyang Isle Ecological Sightseeing Route Launched


The Guangyang Isle Green Development Company released that on September 5, they would launch an ecological sightseeing route from Chaotianmen to Guangyang Isle. By that time, citizens could take a cruise to Guangyang Isle to experience the appealing glamour of this place as the “ecological classroom.”

Citizens could take a cruise to Guangyang Isle to experience the appealing glamour of this place.

This 24.5-km route runs through 15 sightseeing spots, including Jiangbeizui, Chongqing Grand Theater, Danzishi Old Street, Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge, Chongqing Cuntan International Container Terminal, and Tongluo Gorge. On the ecological sightseeing boat launched on the route, an introduction is given to the history, ecology, and scenery of Guangyang Isle. Passengers can bask in the ordering service of outstanding cuisine, snacks, ecological drinks, pastries, and homemade meals.

The stunning view of Guangyang Isle.

During the trial operation, four cruises are launched throughout the day. The two cruises from Chaotianmen to Guangyang Isle start from Chaotianmen Jiaoyun Fourth Pier at 9:00 and 11:00, respectively, which takes about 80 minutes. The other two from Guangyang Isle to Chaotianmen start from Dongdaotou Wharf on Guangyang Isle at 14:00 and 16:00, respectively, which takes about 120 minutes. During the trial operation, the one-way fare is 40 yuan/person. Citizens can buy tickets at the ticket offices at Xidaotou and Dongdaotou Wharves of Guangyang Isle, and the online and offline ticketing platforms of Chongqing Passenger Liner Co., Ltd.

Guangyang Isle is now in the trial opening period, and the corresponding infrastructure and safety guarantee facilities are still under construction. It is recommended that citizens carefully read the “Instructions and Safety Commitment Letter for Entering Guangyang Isle” when making an appointment to visit the island. Personal safety protection is of necessity upon landing on the island, and entry to unopened areas on the island is prohibited. Additionally, visitors are required to protect the ecological environment of the island and make a civilized tour.


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