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Chengkou Livestream: Broadcast Its Rich History and Tasty Food

By Rui Hu,Peiyu Jiang ICHONGQING|Sep 08,2020

Chengkou county, located at the junction of Chongqing, Sichuan, and Shanxi, the hinterland of Daba Mountain, and the northern part of Chongqing. On Aug. 31, Huang Zonglin, Chengkou’s County Mayor, introduced the unique tourist routes and high-quality cultural and creative products of Chengkou, as well as the featured food and products of Chengkou. On the night of the live stream, a total of more than 400,000 yuan of agricultural products were sold. You can also find other Chongqing featured products at the Online Culture and Tourism House.

Chengkou is rich in “Red history,” as it used to be an essential part of the Sichuan-Shanxi Revolutionary Base. Despite the history, it is worth visiting for its benign climate, good ecological condition, and beautiful natural scenery. It enjoys many reputations such as “China’s Eco-climate Pearl”, “Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art”, and “Natural Oxygen Bar”.

view of Chengkou county

In recent years, Chengkou County has deeply practiced the concept of “natural resource is a source of wealth”, striving to make excellent ecological tourism. It adheres to the development of global tourism, based on its advantages of ecological resources, promoting the integration of agriculture, culture, and tourism to upgrade Chengkou tourism development and push natural resources to become our real wealth.

Pingxi Village- Farming Experience Garden

Pingxi Village- Farming Experience Garden

Exploring Culture

Literati of the past dynasties have regarded “Daba Mountain” as an important element in the creation of poetry, leaving behind many famous sayings and verses about “Bashan (Ba Mountain)”. Being surrounded by mountains and crossed by rivers, Chengkou is a mysterious place that everyone yearns for. It is also a place where Qin and Ba areas must pass through. To some extent, Chengkou is synonymous with Chongqing Daba Mountain.

To explore the culture and history of Chengkou, three places you must not miss are the Tucheng Old Street, the Soviet Regime Memorial Park of Chengkou County, and the Red Army Memorial Park.

Tucheng Old Street

Built during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty, Tucheng Old Street has a history of over 200 years. The old city walls and buildings represent the tenaciousness of Chengkou people and the thickness of the city’s history. In recent years, relying on the thick history and cultural heritage of Tucheng Old Street and rich folk cultural characteristics, Chengkou is working on the construction of Tucheng Old Street toward a 4A rated scenic spot to build a new cultural center and tourist landmark of the county.

Chengkou- Sculpture of the Red Army

As an important part of the Sichuan-Shanxi Revolutionary Base, more than 3,000 people in Chengkou participated in the Red Army and guerrillas, more than 500 people participated in the Long March, and more than 470 people died during the long March while the county had only 57,000 people at that time. A lot of armies and revolutionaries have stayed and fought in the county.

Chengkou- Red Army Memorial Park

The Soviet Regime Memorial Park was originally named Yubei Park and is located at Bunker Beam at the south gate of Chengkou County. In the park, there are major tourist attractions such as the “Monument of Soviet Regime”, “Remembrance Square”, “Red Army Culture Narrative Wall”, etc. The park has been included in the National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spots List, Chongqing Patriotism Education Base, and National 3A rated Tourist Attractions.

Chengkou- Sculpture of the Red Army

The Red Army Memorial Park has a total area of more than 45,000 square meters. The red theme memorial park integrates red culture, ecological culture, and entertainment perfectly.

Chengkou- Red Army Memorial Park

Experiencing Local Life

Being in Chengkou is like entering a paradise. You can escape from the anxiousness and tiredness of a modern city and fully relax and refresh your mind.

Bashan- Sea of Clouds

In recent years, under the guidance of the development of global tourism, Chengkou County has combined the development of rural tourism with rural revitalization, exploring the beauty of originality of the county and attracting more people to experience rural life. It offers a unique experience for tourists to enjoy the fresh air and a relaxing rural lifestyle.

In Pingxi Village, you can experience the most common local life with the theme of “farming experience”. In the farming experience garden, you can try hand-made stone mills and traditional “windmills”. You can also go to the mud field gathering ingredients and cooking an organic meal for yourself.

In Taiping Community, you can experience a lifestyle with the theme of “Ecological Homeland”. The community makes full use of its rich land resources, planting more than 500 acres of various fruits and vegetables. Visitors can take a bamboo basket to pick mushrooms in spring, peaches, and plums in summer, melons, and fruits in autumn, and strawberries in winter.

A Relaxing Journey

Everyone has one’s unique understanding of health and wellness, but regardless of various standards, it is always what people have been looking for. Nature is the best healing all the time when people feel anxious, depressed, or stressed out and need relaxation. Chengkou has high water quality and fresh air, and frequent occurrence of various beautiful and spectacular natural phenomena. Also, with an annual average temperature of 13.9C and an average summer temperature of 23.3C, Chengkou has a pleasant climate that offers a refreshing and healthy environment for people.

Huang’anba- Snow Scene

Huang’anba Ecological Popularization Base, with a total area of 2,000 square kilometers and an average elevation of about 2,200 meters, has a unique regional style of “grassland on the mountain-top, forest on the mountainside, and canyon at the bottom of the mountain”. You can go camping and enjoy the starry sky at night in summer. In winter, you can enjoy a beautiful white world covered with thick snow.

Kanggu Resort, a national 4A rated scenic spot, integrates canyons, forests, and cliffs together with a forest coverage rate as high as 90%. You can take a cable car with a more than 1,400-meter-long route to a cliff viewing station with a vertical height of more than 300 meters; you can go to Asia’s longest glass bridge with a length more than 400 meters overlooking the valley; you can also experience “Mineral Water Rafting” at Qinglong Gorge Rafting Center with a drop of more than 130 meters and a length of 14 kilometers.

Featuring Products

Chengkou Bacon

Chengkou Bacon

Following the secret processing recipe with a history of more than 500 years, Chengkou old bacon is carefully produced through dozens of procedures. It has an authentic traditional flavor and is very nutritious.

Jiming Handmade Tea

Produced from the precious ancient tea garden of Jiming Temple, Jiming handmade tea inherits the traditional Zen tea craftsmanship of Jiming Temple and restores the essence of the tea as the royal tribute of the palace for more than 200 years. It is made by more than ten manual processes. The color of the soup is clear and green and the taste is mellow, refreshing, and long-lasting.

Jiming Handmade Tea

Zhongfeng Honey(百花蜜)

The honey is sourced from the wild nectar in the virgin forest at an altitude of about 2,000 meters. The nectar contains a variety of rare plants and precious Chinese medicinal pollen. It’s rich in more than ten essential trace elements such as glucose, protein, minerals, and vitamins, with types of nutrients several times greater than ordinary single nectar.

Shanshen Lacquer

Shanshen lacquer is produced with a combination of city-level intangible cultural heritage lacquer craftsmanship and modern technology, using natural logs as the inner tube and high-quality large wood lacquer as the exterior. It can be used for decoration, gifting, and collection.

Iron Walnut Oil

The product is from a national nature reserve, extracting the virgin iron walnut grown in the virgin forest at an altitude of more than 1,800 meters. Its content of unsaturated fatty acids is as high as 97%. At the same time, it is rich in rare natural plant vitamin D which is known as “plant cod liver oil.”

Iron Walnut Oil



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