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Chongqing Pioneers 5G Development in China


According to the Smart China Expo Online 2020 (SCE OL 2020) 5G Innovative Development Forum, carried out on September 3, said the number of 5G base stations in Chongqing ranked high nationwide, 5G technologies had entered several sectors, and the city pioneered 5G development in China.

According to the Chongqing Communications Administration, Chongqing established 10,000 5G base stations in 2019 and became one of the first batches of 50 cities approved for 5G commercialization. Additionally, 5G technologies have been applied to mobile phone calls, UHD live streaming, cloud gaming, VR, AR, smart tourism, self-driving cars, telemedicine, online learning, and telework. With 32,000 newly built this year, the city now has 42,000 5G base stations and 3.16 million 5G subscribers. Fields equipped with 5G applications now expand to intelligent storage and logistics, smart manufacturing, and industrial internet, supporting Chongqing in creating itself into “a strategic center for smart manufacturing,” building “a famous smart city,” and developing digital economy.

The real-time monitoring of 5G remote driving.

To facilitate the experience of intelligent achievements during SCE OL 2020, China Telecom Corporation Limited Chongqing Branch, China Mobile Group Chongqing Company Limited, and China Unicom Chongqing Branch have improved their capabilities in ensuring the smooth running of “online + offline” networks, and newly opened over 100 4G and over 50 5G base stations in the required areas. Among them, 36 4G and 33 5G base stations are located in the area around the offline experience halls of Lijia Smart Park.

The head of the Chongqing Economy and Informatization Commission said the 5G network infrastructure was mainly for such industries as industrial collaborative manufacturing and intelligent connected vehicles, which allows Chongqing to be included in the first list of demonstration cities of 5G scale networking construction and application. Next, the city will catalyze the expansion of the intelligent industry and focus on developing a complete 5G industrial chain, which involves systems, chips, terminals, and instruments. It is also going to continuously perfect the system, technologies, and functions of the industrial internet, and enable it to play a better role in empowering the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, Chongqing plans to expedite the full-scale deployment of a 5G network for a high-quality one with wide coverage, high quality, and a great experience.


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