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Strolling Around Ciqikou Backstreet: Three Themes and Five Areas


As a landmark tourist attraction in Chongqing, Ciqikou has always been known for its meaty Bayu culture, with traditional tourist attraction business as its backbone of commerce. As tourists’ consumption demands on Ciqikou get diversified, the emphasis is placed on digging into the cultural connotation of this ancient town, diversifying the tourist attraction business, and ironing out the flaws in the region to further Ciqikou’s tourism development.

The design drawing of Ciqikou Backstreet.

Built by Financial Street Holdings, Ciqikou Backstreet adheres to the concept of “protecting heritage and upgrading tourism.” Grounded on the profound heritage of Shapingba and Ciqikou culture, it has drawn into international cutting-edge business models, integrating culture, consumption, entertainment, and leisure.

Three themes and five subareas

During the planning and construction, the Ciqikou Backstreet project sticks to the design concept of “protecting historical heritage, inheriting Shapingba and Ciqikou culture, and developing ancient town life.” It preserves the landscape pattern of “three mountains, two streams meeting one river” and reserves characteristic retaining walls, stairways, roads, trees, and other environmental landscape elements to restore the historic environment. Additionally, the Bayu Architectural Culture Museum springs up, consisting of a range of architectural spaces oozing with the mountain city township style, such as terraced houses, stilted buildings, small cable cars, and eaves gallery streets.

The projected “Stilted Building Square.”

Centering on the three major cultural themes of “climbing the mountain city,” “strolling around old streets,” and “enjoying creativity,” the project digs into the cultural value connotation of Ciqikou and even the whole city, highlighting experience, interest, and creativity. In addition, in the light of different functions and businesses, the project also sets forth a “mixed model” of five themed subareas of Yule Life, Bayu Minyun, Chongqing Mingtang, Yupai Shanyang, and Guzhen Nihong.

Carrying forward the distinctive city spirit

The projected “Stilted Building Square” is envisioned to pivot on the unique architecture of cultural interest in the Bayu region, which not only strikes a chord with residents but also allows foreign tourists to better experience the unique local culture.

Based on embodying essential culture, it renders a more diverse business, travel, and cultural experience available to consumers.

Located in a thousand-year-old town, the project blends trendy elements from all over the world with quintessential mountain city culture. In so doing, it hammers at pooling efforts from open commerce to upgrade and renew Ciqikou and unceasingly revive the city.


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