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Two Types of Made-in-Chongqing Smart Toilets Mass-produced


Gongyi Technology Co., Ltd., a company in JD Cloud & AI’s (Chongqing) Digital Economy Industrial Park, developed two types of fully automatic smart toilets that can detect body fat and urine respectively, which are the first of their kinds in China, according to the park on September 2. 

At present, both of the two products have achieved mass production and have been brought to market.

The reporter used a toilet for body fat detection at Gongyi Technology and found its detection efficiency very high. Click the “Body Fat Detection” button in the mobile application or WeChat mini program “Yi Shen Qing” while sitting steadily on the toilet with feet off the ground, you can get ten indexes such as your body weight, protein, and body fat within two seconds. The toilet also has other functions like automatic flushing.

The other type of toilet could detect 11 indicators like urine leucocyte, urine acetone bodies, and urine nitrite of its users. Like the one mentioned above for body fat detection, this one also has such functions as automatic sampling, automatic detection, and automatic cleaning. Click the “Urine Detection” button in the mobile application or WeChat mini program “Yi Shen Qing” while using this type of toilet, you can get the results within 40 seconds.

How are these functions performed? Lan Zhangli, the founder of Gongyi Technology, told the reporter that all these are realized through sensors. A small sensor mounted on a toilet carries a wealth of technologies: The optical technology can make the test object react with the test paper; the Internet of Things technology connects the toilet to the user’s mobile phone; the mechanical technology can make the test paper be discarded automatically after the detection. After the data is transmitted to the mobile phone, cloud computing is used to generate a detection report.

Gongyi Technology has obtained 30 related patents and many software copyrights. Its smart toilets for health detection and health big data service were rated as key support projects for technological innovation and development application demonstration in 2020 launched by Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau.


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