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5G Empowers Chongqing's Popular Tourism Sites


Chongqing – On Sep.8, organized by the Smart Roadshow News Center of the 2020 Smart China Expo Online, the online group interview took place in the Yangtze River Cableway scenic area of Chongqing with the topic of how the 5G empowers Chongqing’s popular tourism sites.

The representatives from Chongqing Culture and Tourism Information Center (Data Center), Yuzhong District Commission of Culture and Tourism Development, Chongqing Passenger Cableway Co., Ltd, China Mobile Chongqing Co., Ltd, and Hongyadong Scenic Area Management Company attended the online interview. They shared rich information and experiences on how the tourism quality and visit experience get improved by the 5G technology and intelligent scenic spots management.

Online group interview

the online group interview took place in the Yangtze River Cableway scenic area of Chongqing

“The application of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and 5G have set higher standards for smart culture and tourism development. The Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development has attached great importance to the construction of Chongqing’s smart cultural tourism.” Said Mr. Liu Xuefeng, the director of Chongqing Culture and Tourism Information Center. Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development has carried out the construction of the city’s smart cultural tourism radio and television cloud to integrate the relevant systems and data to achieve better and over-all services and supervision. On the other hand, it actively promotes smart tourism development, including the construction of the smart scenic spots and smart tourism villages. There are currently 56 smart scenic spots and 54 smart villages under construction.

Yuzhong District, which boasts the most popular sites in Chongqing, is a pioneer in smart tourism development. A number of smart scenic spots, smart bookstores, smart museums, and demonstration scenarios of 5G integration of culture, business and tourism have been built here. According to Deng Lin, Vice Director of Yuzhong District Commission of Culture and Tourism Development, Yuzhong has launched a batch of smart tourism applications that are popular among tourists. For example, the WeChat official account of Yuzhong District Culture and Tourism provides a huge amount of travel and service information. Yuzhong District has developed the cloud tourism experience by releasing online 3D maps and panorama tour and posting QR codes on cultural relics and historical buildings. By scanning the code, tourists and citizens can learn about the past and present cultural relics in Yuzhong District in both Chinese and English. As the Yuzhong District is the most popular place to go for tourists visiting Chongqing, the district has also developed a tourist flow monitoring system. It cooperates with the three major operators to automatically analyze the real-time tourist flow of the entire Yuzhong District, guide tourists to adjust their travel itinerary in time, which provides basic support for analysis, early warning, and guidance of tourist flow. The scenic spots appointment system has been set up with high standards to accurately achieve the target of efficient visitor flow control. The monitoring information will help the district to carry our intelligent management of tourism data.

The Liberation Monument at Jiefangbei CBD.

“Mobile Chongqing Co., Ltd attaches great importance to the development of the 5G in Yuzhong District. Yuzhong District has become the city’s first administrative district with continuous outdoor 5G coverage.” introduced Mr. Fu Hang, the vice General Manager of the Chengyi Branch of China Mobile Chongqing Co., Ltd. The China Mobile has taken the lead in exploring the “5G+Smart Culture and Tourism” business model, using 5G+VR technology to create 5G+VR super-sensing scenic spots covering the Yangtze River Cableway and White Emperor City, bringing an immersive travel experience to citizens.

Mr. Lei Wei, the General Manager of Chongqing Passenger Cableway Co., Ltd, introduced, “We have launched the tourist flow control system, which will help ease the long queue and shorten the waiting time. The cableway data including tourist flow also get shared with hotels, shopping centers, and other scenic spots within Yuzhong District so that tourists can have a real-time update about the tourist flow of the cableway while they are planning their trip here.”

Yangtze river cableway.

In 2019, the annual number of visitors to Hongyadong Cave was 18 million, which is second only to the Forbidden City. “Last year we initially established a smart management system to allow visitors to make an appointment for a visit, which helps us efficiently control the flow.” Said Meng Yao, who is in charge of the smart management department of Hongyadong Cave Scenic Area Management Company. Besides, visitors can also follow the WeChat public account of Hongyadong Cave to get a tour guide covering restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing spots in Hongyadong Cave.

Hongyadong Cave Scenic Area.


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