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Chongqing Universities Realize Outdoor Continuous Coverage of Mobile 5G Signal


Chongqing- China Mobile’s Chongqing branch has opened a total number of 541 5G base stations in 168 universities before the start of this fall term.

Chongqing universities realize continuous outdoor coverage of mobile 5G signal.

The branch has completed base station inspection and 5G optimization and realized continuous outdoor coverage of 5G signal in all universities in the city.

“As the summer vacation passed, canteens and their food didn’t change, but the internet connection got faster unexpectedly,” said Li, a junior at Chongqing University. With a new 5G mobile phone, he could watch videos and play games without any lag. 

The 5G network brings not only higher internet speed but also some “smart” changes for campus life.

The Chongqing University of Technology realized continuous outdoor coverage of mobile 5G signal.

According to China Mobile’s Chongqing branch, they will continue optimizing the 5G network in universities to allow more teachers and students to experience the high-speed 5G internet.

Meanwhile, they will strengthen the integration and innovation of 5G with other new technologies, get deeply involved in the construction of “smart campuses”, and provide better services for multi-functional teaching, scientific research, and campus management in universities.

According to the Chongqing Administration of Communications, Chongqing’s investment in the information and communication industry exceeded RMB 8.5 billion, overfulfilling the annual construction target of 30,000 5G base stations six months ahead of schedule in the first half of 2020.


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