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Fengjie Showcase: A Place with Breathtaking Landscapes and Poetic Culture


Chongqing- “A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision; we want to see you in Fengjie. Good evening, I’m Qi Meiwen……” On the evening of Sept 7, Fengjie County culture and tourism promotion activity“2020 Chongqing Showcase” was live-streamed via several platforms. Qi Meiwen, the mayor of Fengjie County, introduced the culture and landscapes of Fengjie.

Fengjie boosting abundant tourism resources

the Peak of The Three Gorges

the Sink Hole

the Geofracture

“Fengjie has a history of over 2300 years since its first government was set up. In ancient times, it was called Kuizhou; it was named ‘Fengjie’ due to Respecting justice and abiding by-laws”. It’s famous for ‘Fengjie Navel Orange’ and well-known as ‘Poetic City of China.’ With profound culture, unique ecologic environment, and marvelous landscapes, Fengjie is the core area of the international golden tourism belt of the Yangtze River. ” In the live streaming, Mr. Qi invited audiences to visit Kuimen, Baidi Town, the Peak of The Three Gorges, Jiupan River, the Sink Hole, and Geofracture, Longqiao River, and some other tourist attractions. There are 14 tourist attractions with A ratings, among which there are four tourist attractions with 4 A ratings. Nature touched this land with its magic power, and abundant scenic spots can be found here and there on the 4090-square-kilometer soil.

A national landmark city for delicacies  

Fengjie Navel Orange”

Guzi Chicken

According to Mr. Qi, Fengjie County is a national landmark city for delicacies because it has absorbed the quintessence of different cuisines through thousands of years of cultural integration. In Fengjie County, you can eat over 200 unique local dishes like Guzi Chicken, Shenxian Tofu, and so forth. If you visit Fengjie, you can not miss the well-known fruit— “Fengjie Navel Orange.” In ancient times, Dufu,Chinese “Poetic Sage ” once wrote a poem to acclaim the fruit. “Fengjie Navel Orange” is big in size, yellow in color, juicy, and sweet. The brand value of the fruit is up to RMB18.2 billion yuan. In the orchard, you can even see navel oranges and blossoms growing at the same time on the same tree.

The reputation of Poetic City of China

Baidi City

the aerial view of Baidi City

There are many interesting places in China. One of the most worth-visiting places is the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Baidi City is the starting point of the Three Gorges. In Tang Dynasty, Libai, the poetic genius, who left Baidi City and visited Qutang Gorge, achieved a famous poem Sailing Early from Baidi City, which has been passed on generation after generation. Through VCR, Mr.Qi traveled through the Qutang Gorge along the Yangtze River by boat and started a dialogue with Libai across time and space to experience Libai’s feelings at that time. Mr.Qi read poems to audiences in the live streaming studio. He said China is a country of poetry, while Fengjie county is the homeland of poetry. Many great poets composed their masterpieces in Fengjie County, which made the place well-known as the Poetic City of China. Visitors from home and abroad come to Fengjie to visit its splendid culture and appealing landscapes due to that poetry.

Feasting your eyes on marvelous landscapes

Dry Kuimen

Longmen Inn

“Tourists can go to Qutang Gorge first to experience the magnificent Yangtze River and picturesque Three Gorges, and visit Baidi City to experience its poetic culture as their nest destination. Following that, tourists can visit Dry Kuimen, and then they can go to the Longqiao River and Jinfeng Cloud Sea. Tourists can choose Kajiping Inn or Longmen Inn as accommodation. Mr.Qi recommended four tour routes, including the Tour of the Magnificent Three Gorges,  the Pilgrimage to Poetry, the Tour of Ecology and Health, the Tour of Scientific Expedition, and Exploration.

Mr.Qi invited everyone to visit Fengjie county in the live streaming studio.“You will regard Fengjie county as a great park and fairyland. We will develop and launch over ten new tourism products per year and host new themed activities every season. ”

local olive oil

Local special products with discounts like sunglasses, alcohol, olive oil, earthen jars, and so on were sold on the air, which attracted lots of attention. (Photos provided by Fengjie County Media Center)


A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision

A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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