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Group Interview: How Does Smart City Operate in Chongqing?


Chongqing- Smart cities are implementing a new generation of information technology in all walks of life to achieve an advanced state of urban informatization. On September 8th, 2020, the online conference entitled Yuzhong Smart City was held online from the command office of the Yuzhong District Traffic Police, explain how does the smart city operate in Chongqing.


Presenter Ms. Huang Hua hosts the online conference on smart technology implementation from the command center of Yuzhong District Traffic Police.

As technology in communications rapidly advances, the remarkable commercial value and technical capabilities of 5G have come to the forefront. This is due to the high connectivity speed and capacity that has permitted vertical expansion in multiple fields, in addition to promoting smart city construction.

Yuzhong District in Chongqing is among the third batch of national smart city pilot areas. It is in the process of implementing big data intelligence as part of the Action Plan for Innovation-Driven Development.

Further goals are to speed the rate of smart city construction and achieve positive results in areas such as digital urban management, smart commerce, and 5G health care.

During the conference, key representatives of multiple government departments in Yuzhong District reported on the latest state of progress in their respective fields.

Mr. Guo Weixiang, deputy director of the Administration Bureau for Big Data Application Development in Yuzhong District, reported on the progress in smart city construction.


Mr. Guo Weixiang, deputy director of the Yuzhong District Administration Bureau for Big Data Application Development.

Yuzhong District has focused on the development of smart city applications in big data for the benefit of people’s livelihoods, government administration, urban management, ecological viability, and industrial integration.

The district as a whole has created a digital city management platform and information database, which has allowed for one-stop government services in 88.6% of cases, thus achieving maximal convenience for users.

The Chongqing Emergency Medical Center has used a newly developed intelligent medical service platform for testing, diagnosis, and treatment as part of a trial system of collaboration.

Besides, community health service centers in the district now have full coverage of portable diagnostic equipment.

The One-click Yuzhong Tour system integrates a real-time tourist flow monitoring system and big data analysis. The district as a whole has achieved initial results in smart city management, government affairs, medical care, tourism, and other sectors.

It has implemented smart technology in 6 hospitals, eight scenic spots, ten campuses, 22 residential communities, and 49 construction sites. As a result, service quality and benefits to residents have been improving by the day.

The effective integration and centralized sharing of information resources are providing the basis for smart city construction in Yubei District, intending to establish one single network to manage the whole city.

Mr. Yang Jing, a party committee member of the Yuzhong District Urban Management Bureau, introduced the current progress and future planning in his relevant field.


Mr. Yang Jing, party committee member of the Yuzhong District Urban Management Bureau.

In the interests of maintaining orderly and efficient urban services, the smart city management system has achieved a closed-loop of case acceptance, filing, dispatch, solution, verification, and closure.

There are over 25,000 urban management issues dealt with every month, with a case closure rate of 95%. Out of this total, more than 8,000 problems are reported by video.

The urban management network has been constructed with full reach to deal with all manners of issues systematically. It resolves to close cases promptly following the initial receipt to the highest standard.

In 2020, the public reported 1019 issues through the Yuzhong Urban Management WeChat public account, with a closure rate of 98%. The aim is to encourage the general public to better understand and take part in urban management.

Urban management issues and emergencies can now be visualized through video aids for either manual or automatic inspection, thus significantly improving efficiency.

Future goals are to continually optimize algorithms in video analysis for a heightened rate of detection and accuracy in urban management issues.

Promote the trial implementation of smart light poles to resolve operational issues while expanding sensor applications through 5G technology.

Finally, a trial application using the Internet of Things will be conducted in municipal facilities and areas such as the online detection of sewage water quality.

The Urban Management Bureau of Yuzhong District will continue to enhance smart urban management for the most attractive and pleasant living environment possible.

Mr. Chen Weiqi, command room instructor of the Yuzhong District PSB Traffic Police, introduced the intelligent transportation system operated in Yuzhong District.


Mr. Chen Weiqi, command room instructor of the Yuzhong District PSB Traffic Police.

Since 2012, Yuzhong District has launched the third construction phase in intelligent transportation.

At present, the six systems of guidance release, service management, video surveillance, traffic light control, electronic police, and bayonet system have been constructed.

These capabilities have been enhanced by the installation of specialized equipment listed below;

Vehicle detector sets >180
HD surveillance camera sets >3000
Traffic guidance screens 35
Bayonet ports >500
Electronic police stations >400

Between 2016 and 2020, the number of vehicles in the Yuzhong District increased by about 23%, representing a daily traffic volume increase of about 900,000 cars. Despite these figures, 110 emergency calls for traffic accidents reports fell by roughly 20%, traffic-related deaths dropped by about 55%, and average vehicle speed slowed by around 4%.

Mr. Wang Yunfei, deputy general manager of China Telecom Yuzhong Branch, introduced the latest advancements in 5G coverage within the district.


Mr. Wang Yunfei, deputy general manager of China Telecom Yuzhong Branch.

China Telecom Chongqing Corporation has actively responded to the national strategic plan for new infrastructure. They have made full use of their core advantages and resource endowments to accelerate the upgrade of a new generation in smart network infrastructure. Results by June 2020 were as follows;

Infrastructure Quantity/Coverage Scope
5G base stations 15,000 Chongqing 
BN IoT base stations 14,000 Chongqing
Optical fiber cables 401,000 homes (99.52%) Yuzhong District
5G WiFi points 43 Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street
5G public cable WiFi points 143 Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street

The above high-quality network infrastructure means the Yuzhong Peninsula has now achieved full-scale coverage in the three-gigabit era. 

In 2019, Chongqing Telecom teamed with Alibaba and Tencent to assist the Jiefangbei CBD Management Committee in the construction of 5G big data platforms for good governance, public benefit, and business through big data and cloud computing.

In 2020, the Internet of Things will help realize smart management facilities for parking, streetlights, and maintenance hole covers in Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street.

At present, combined with 5G and Internet of Things technology, The Yuzhong Branch of Chongqing Telecom has entered into cooperation with district governments and neighborhoods to build smart communities.

Many residential areas operate intelligent monitoring systems for access, epidemic prevention, objects thrown from high floors, perimeter security, information propagation, fire safety, parking, and remote meter reading.

Mr. Li Yang, deputy director of the Jiefangbei CBD Management Committee, delivered a statement.


Mr. Li Yang, deputy director of the Jiefangbei CBD Management Committee.

Jiefangbei is a famous landmark and symbol of Chongqing with profound heritage, solid commercial foundations, and a wealth of cultural tourism resources.

The area has attracted close to 80 Fortune 500 companies. There are 12 consulate generals, 15 large shopping malls, and more than 170 international first and second-tier brands such as LV and Gucci. It is the first commercial district in Chongqing to exceed 80 billion yuan in revenue and enjoys the reputation of the number one street of Western China.

In 2018, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street was approved among the first national batch of 11 pilot projects for transformation and upgrades. The business district has since taken the lead in big data intelligence and 5G smart neighborhoods through infrastructure, application, and management.

In July 2020, a group of experts from the Ministry of Commerce praised the achievements in smart district construction and expressed the hope that Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street will continue to develop infrastructure in smart technology.

In the next step, the district will strive for breakthroughs in wider fields such as smart tourism and high-rise buildings.

(All photographs provided courtesy of Smart Roadshow Editing Department)


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