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Thrilling Outdoor Events in Chongqing Are Expecting You


Richly endowed Chongqing is home to a slew of thrilling outdoor events across its rocky terrain — Jinfo Mountain Cliff Plank Road, Yunyang Cliff Swing, Shizhu Covered Glass Bridge, and a lot more. Below are some super-exciting events recommended for you.

Jindao Gorge Canyoning

Jindao Gorge Canyoning — super-exciting Body Rafting.

Canyoning is an outdoor leisure activity in which you jump down the waterfall holding the rope or race down with the stream. Simply put, it is cliff diving during which you drift with the water. Different from drifting, it is the direct contact between people and rapids — super-exciting Body Rafting.

The moment you jump off the cliff and dive into the water is fantastic. In this split second, the impact of fear and excitement can be profound, making you feel relaxed and refreshed. Multiple diving spots in Jindao Gorge will deliver you a breathtaking experience.

Body Rafting is an event in which you slide down from a very slippery naturally-formed rock using the force of the water flow. The breakneck speed per hour is a challenge to your psychological capability—people who participate in this event scream all their way.

Address: Jindao Gorge Scenic Area, No. 1 Xiaotang Village, Jindao Gorge Town, Beibei District

Route: CRT Line 6 — Bus Line 963 — Bus Line 962 (Xiaxiakou Station)

Yunyang Rainbow Swing

Yunyang Rainbow Swing is the world’s highest, fastest and biggest swing.

Yunyang Rainbow Swing is located in Longgang Scenic Area, with a height of 108 meters, a maximum tourist-lifting height of 88 meters, and a full swing arc of 90 degrees.

The swing is mainly composed of a 100-meter-high arched swing tower crane painted with a rainbow and a 108-meter-high lifting tower.

It is the world’s highest, fastest and biggest swing, which allows tourists to experience a sprint speed of about 130 km/h at an altitude of 800 meters. It also holds the Guinness World Record for being the No. 1 Frame Swing.

Address: Longgang Scenic Area, Yunyang County, Chongqing

Driving route: Depart from Chongqing; navigate your way directly to Longgang Scenic Area

Nanpingba Delta Wing

Nanpingba Delta Wing

Delta Wing Gliding is an event in which you fly with a delta wing to admire the scenery below and feel the thrill of surging airflow.

Nanpingba is a flat, scenic island in the middle of the Yangtze River. It won the honor of “Hulun Buir Decibel” this year. Flying over Nanpingba gives you a vantage point to view both banks of the Yangtze River, islands in the river, and the countryside scenery.

You can soar in the sky, spin at low altitude, make a nose dive, or rise in the company of a smart-looking coach. When airflow comes, you drop abruptly, making your heart pound as you scream.

Address: Nanpingba Island, Maliuzui Town, Banan District, Chongqing

Route: Depart from Chongqing; navigate your way directly to Tianmeng Aviation Flight Base

Tongjing Bungee Jumping

Tongjing Bungee Jumping is acclaimed as “the number one bungee jumping in Southwest China.”

Bungee jumping is an event in which the jumper stands at the height of more than 30 meters, binds a rubber band fixed at one end to the ankle joint, and then stretches his arms, puts his legs together, and jumps head down.

 The bungee jumping tower is 30 meters high, the cliff is 36 meters high, and the bungee jumping platform is 58 meters away from the water surface.

Jump off the 58-meter-high platform in a safety device, and you will whiz down uncontrollably at a speed of almost 60 km/h.

Address: Tongjing Hot Spring Scenic Area

Route: Chongqing — Chongqing-Linshui Expressway — Caoping — Tongjing Scenic Area

Dafengbao Covered Glass Bridge

The covered glass bridge is mostly built on high cliffs, the bottom of which is made of fully transparent special-purpose glass.

Dafengbao Covered Glass Bridge spans the longest canyon in the world; it is also China’s first covered glass bridge for viewing the canyon landscape. It is 300 meters above the bottom of the valley. Standing on this covered glass bridge, you can see the abyss and admire the billowing clouds.

Address: Huangshui National Forest Park, Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County

Route: Depart from Chongqing; navigate your way directly to Huangshui National Forest Park

So don’t stay at home and push your limits!


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