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Chongqing Software Park Combines Twin City Advantages in Gaming Industry


Chongqing Smart Roadshow- In recent years, the number of gamers in China has continued to grow rapidly in line with greater market expansion. As the gaming industry matures and becomes more international, Chongqing has taken the opportunity to implement the Strategic Action Plan for Innovation-Driven Development, led by the intelligentization of big data.


High-level gaming industry representatives hold a joint Smart Roadshow conference at the Chongqing Software Park.

The industry has taken full advantage of supportive government policies, rich talent resources from higher education, and the expansive base of gamers, in order to focus on the game development, distribution, and e-sports competitions.

At the same time, the industry ecological chain as a whole is involved in running events, live broadcasts, and IP development to promote further development and upgrades in the games industry.

On September 10th, 2020, the Smart Roadshow News Center of the 2020 SCE organized an online group conference entitled Opportunities in Chongqing for Creative Innovation in the Game Industry.

The conference was held in the exhibition hall of China Smart Valley Science Park, where representatives from Chongqing Software Park, Advid.ly, Pasiya Technology, Share Capital, Japan Enish (China Region), and Uchenpan Entertainment discussed innovation, the regional business environment, and future prospects of the gaming industry in Chongqing.

Mr. Sun Pihong, CEO of Chongqing Software Park


Mr. Sun Pihong is the CEO of Chongqing Software Park

Chongqing Software Park was launched at the Smart Expo last year as a large scale municipal project located in the Nan’an Economic Development Zone, with the aim of constructing an industry platform.

This year, the Global Game Industry Creative Innovation Forum was also organized with the purpose of building up the game ecology in Chongqing.

Although the game industry in Chongqing has just started up, the future prospects are highly promising.

The talent base in Chongqing is by no means inferior to other cities. For example, the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in Chongqing cultivates a large number of talented individuals every year. Many of the graduates will find employment here once the game ecosystem is well established, and will drive the future development of gaming in Chongqing.

CEO Sun Pihong commented further. ‘The Chongqing Software Park will launch an industrial talent base in collaboration with Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts, and other prominent game industry players, to cultivate high caliber individuals. We hoped the Chongqing Software Park will become a highland for gaming, and we look forward to seeing greater development of the industry.

Mr. Xie Feng, chairman of Avid.ly Ltd


Mr. Xie Feng is the chairman of Avid.ly Ltd

Mr. Xie Feng, chairman of Avid.ly Ltd, explained the internet company’s role in the gaming industry.

‘Everyone can easily see that products related are big business, and so we positioned ourselves as a game investment brand. We promote gaming on a worldwide scale and expand the scope of this industry by investing large amounts of CP, and by making full use of our insights, data expertise and publishing capacity. Fanzhe.com is a new type of platform that specializes in gaming investment and industry scale-ups.

Mr. Gao Han, chairman and general manager of Share Capital


Mr. Gao Han is chairman and general manager of Share Capital.

Share Capital was established in Shenzhen back in 2017. Over the past three years, they have been committed to innovation and entrepreneurship in China, with the aim provide access to capital, resources, and further advantages, so that entrepreneurs in China may achieve optimal development and enter the international market.

‘In fact, the game industry once appeared to have taken the old path of manufacturing in China, when goods and raw materials were produced for export. However, the game industry in China may soon have the opportunity to turn a corner and overtake competitors in the global game market. We have identified this opportunity, and since there are great numbers of talented people in Chongqing, we came to Chongqing with the goal of unearthing more talent with global mindsets.’

Mr. Xu Guangle, general manager of Japan Enish China Region


Mr. Xu Guangle is general manager of Japan Enish (China Region).

During his presentation, general manager Xu Guangle introduced Japan Enish, and discussed industry prospects from their perspective.

‘Enish is a Japanese listed company that has been releasing publications in addition to research and development over the past 19 years.’

‘In 2014, a branch was established in Shanghai for closer cooperation between Chinese gaming companies, and to bring high-quality products to China.’

‘Japan has a relatively traditional consumer market, but Chinese products have achieved good results there over the past two years, and we have also seen R&D capabilities in China continue to improve. It is our hope to find more high caliber R&D partners for cooperation in research and development.

Mr. Li Wanpeng, founder of Youchenfan Entertainment


Mr. Li Wanpeng is the founder of Youchenfan Entertainment.

Li Wanpeng stated during the conference how the gaming industry in Chongqing remains highly fertile ground.

Currently, there are dozens of game companies in the city, but they are relatively scattered from each other. However, the focus of a closer relationship between the twin cities of Chengdu and Chongqing is offering better connections, enhanced talent pools, and people with global mindsets.

The two cities mutually complement each other thanks to advanced R&D and distribution in Chengdu, while Chongqing possesses a strong advantage in artistic design.

‘Chengdu and Chongqing can benefit each other through strong links for cooperation, especially in the context of relevant national strategies, and the promotional support of local government departments. In the future, exchange and cooperation will produce more results from talented professionals and the establishment of new industry platforms.


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